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World Wetlands Day: Five wetlands that mitigate extreme weather


Mangroves Mangroves are salt-water tolerant shrubs and trees that grow in shallow, tropical coastal waters. Their roots bind the shoreline and each kilometre of mangrove forest can reduce a storm surge by 50cm, blunting the impact of cyclones/hurricanes and tsunamis. Every hectare of mangrove and coastal marsh is worth up to $15,161 a year in disaster-related services. Mangroves also store ...

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World Wetlands Day: How wetlands reduce disaster impact


With the theme: “Wetlands for Disaster Risk Management”, mankind will on Thursday, 02 January celebrate the 2017 edition of the World Wetlands Day. The world will attempt to raise awareness around the theme, in the light of the fact that the frequency of disasters worldwide has more than doubled in just 35 years – driven by climate and weather related ...

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