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NAMA supports ambitious NDCs, Covid-19 recovery with call for submissions for Ambition Initiative

Lord Callanan

The Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) Facility has announced that its Ambition Initiative Call is officially open for NAMA Support Project (NSP) Outline submissions. The UK and German government, alongside the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), intend to commit €174 million to the Ambition Initiative. Lord Callanan, UK Minister for Climate Change The Ambition Initiative targets an even higher level ...

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NAMA: Dominican Republic to curb emissions in coffee cultivation

Dominican Republic coffee

The Dominican Republic aims to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the coffee cultivation through implementation of Low Carbon Coffee NAMA. A NAMA, or Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action, refers to any action that reduces emissions in developing countries. These can be policies directed at transformational change within an economic sector, or actions across sectors for a broader national focus. The ...

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GEF, UNDP, government, investors commence $239m energy efficiency scheme


A two-in-one, multi-million-dollar scheme aimed at ensuring efficient use of energy while minimising the emission of harmful gases has commenced. A group comprising the Global Environment Facility (GEF), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN), Federal Ministry of Environment, Federal Ministry of Power, Cross River State Government and a team of investors is supporting the implementation of ...

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Tunisian NAMA proposal secures funding


The NAMA Facility has pre-selected the Tunisian Building NAMA proposal “Scaling-up Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the Building Sector” to receive funding for the Detailed Preparation Phase as its part of its 4th call for projects funding. The Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) proposal was developed by Ecofys for the Tunisian Agency for Energy Conservation (ANME). Ecofys developed the ...

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UK, Germany commit 60m euros to seven NAMA projects

Clean cook stoves

The United Kingdom and Germany have pre-selected seven NAMA Support Projects from the NAMA Facility’s 4th Call. These NAMA Support Projects will receive funding for their Detailed Preparation Phase. Germany and the UK have committed to fund up to €60 million for the 4th Call of the NAMA Facility. The NAMA Facility supports the implementation of ambitious Nationally Appropriate Mitigation ...

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NAMA funding secured for Colombia transit-oriented development


An innovative Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) in Colombia that integrates transport and land-use planning at the local level can now move to implementation following a 14.7 million euro grant from the NAMA Facility. The Colombia Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) NAMA is designed to promote better-planned, walkable, transit-oriented neighborhoods, to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and also reduce household transportation costs, expand ...

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GGGWeek2016: Climate action-packed week beckons

jeju island

Indications are that the Global Green Growth Week 2016, taking place from 5 to 9 September on Jeju Island, Republic of Korea, is shaping up to be an energetic platform for climate action. Under the theme “Maximising Impact for Inclusive and Sustainable Green Growth,” GGGWeek2016 will bring together leading experts from both the public and private sectors to identify practical, innovative ...

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NAMA: Benefits of Kenya solid waste management

Waste management

Waste management is a major challenge in Kenya, especially in Nairobi, the rapidly growing capital. Nairobi produces around 2,400 tons of waste every day, of which only 38% is collected and less than 10% recycled. The remaining 62% is left on illegal dumpsites and next to houses or burned, causing severe health and environmental problems. Additionally, the private sector overlooks ...

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Benefits of limiting global warming to 1.5-degree


The recent streak of record-breaking temperatures has shown that climate change is not waiting for the world to take decisive action. But the adoption of the Paris Agreement was a clear signal that the world is ready to take climate change seriously. 175 countries signed and 15 of these ratified the climate deal during the signing ceremony. Now there is every indication the agreement could ...

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Dominican Republic charts course to renewable future

Dolf Gielen

Creating a sustainable future is the responsibility of all countries, and that includes allocating a greater share of the world’s energy mix to renewables. A new report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Renewable Energy Prospects: Dominican Republic, finds the Dominican Republic could by 2030 increase its share of modern renewable energy from 9% to 27%, and its share of renewable ...

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