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Climate Change

Forum to increase ambition towards LAC’s carbon neutrality


Experts from governments and the public and private sectors across Latin America will gather at this year’s Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum (LACCF), which will take place from 9 to 11 September in Santiago de Chile, Chile’s capital and largest city. The objective of the meeting is to discuss the region’s climate ambition and its contribution towards a new, ...

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Changing lifestyles to cope with climate-related health issues


The increasing occurrence of climate-related health issues is now a global concern and risk due to the erratic changes in the environment. Climate change is aggravating natural disasters and causing more casualties. Higher temperatures, sea level rise and changes in precipitation with more weather extremes are having negative effects on public health, causing a rise in mortality, displacement, and morbidity ...

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Kyoto Protocol 1st period final accounting begins

Donald Cooper

Developed country Parties (Annex I) under the Kyoto Protocol have entered the final 100 days of the emission reduction treaty’s accounting period during which they ensure that they make up any shortfall in meeting their targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Preliminary analysis has already demonstrated that countries with targets under the Kyoto Protocol collectively exceeded their original ambitions by ...

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Climate negotiators issue consolidated text ahead Paris


The Co-Chairs of the group charged with reaching a universal climate change agreement in Paris under the UN have issued a consolidated version of the formal “Geneva” negotiating text as a tool to help governments in their negotiations. The document from Co-Chairs Ahmed Djoghlaf and Daniel Reifsnyder covers the substantive content of the new agreement including mitigation, adaptation, finance, technology, ...

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‘Global average temperatures for January-June highest since 1880’


The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has said that global temperatures over land and ocean surfaces from the January to June were the hottest on since 1880. Clare Nullis, WMO spokeswomen, said on Wednesday at a news conference in Geneva that most of the world’s land areas were much warmer than average. She said the regions include nearly all of Eurasia, ...

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AFC partners with GCF, invests in renewable energy

Andrew Alli, President & Chief Executive Officer, AFC

Through partnering with the Green Climate Fund, AFC will have access to valuable resources to support investments across a variety of green projects The Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) has been accredited as a partnering institution to the Green Climate Fund (GCF), making it the fund’s first African development finance institution. AFC was invited by the GCF to consider becoming an ...

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Greenpeace: Japan’s emissions cut is one of weakest targets

Ai Kashiwagi

Japan’s government on Thursday, July 17 2015 confirmed a 26 percent cut in emissions by 2030 compared to 2013 as its contribution to climate change negotiation in Paris later this year. The figure, which represents a mere 18% reduction from 1990 levels, is regarded as one of the weakest targets of any industrialised nation. Ai Kashiwagi, Energy Campaigner at Greenpeace Japan, ...

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Achieving sustainable development through climate financing


Pan African Climate Justice Alliance and Africa Development Interchange Network on Monday, July 13, 2015 hosted a side event at the UN’s Third Financing for Development conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to: discuss the importance of climate finance, and the relationship of climate finance to the FfD discussions and post-2015 process The crucial role of climate finance within the development ...

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2 degree: Zero emissions by century-end underlined


Scientists who met last week in Paris at a major international gathering have said that humanity must achieve a state of zero greenhouse gas emissions by the end of this century in order to hold the global average temperature rise to a maximum 2° Celsius. In a joint statement at the end of the “Our Common Future Under Climate Change” ...

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Green Climate Fund to channel cash via 20 partners


The Green Climate Fund has agreed on 13 new finance partners but drew fire from campaign groups for including Deutsche Bank, a major coal investor. During the GCF board’s four-day meeting that held recently in Songdo, South Korea, it chose 20 accredited entities, tasked with submitting proposals for funding as well as channelling and leveraging tens of billions of dollars to poorer nations to help ...

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