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Makoko claims no easy victories

    Makoko is a metaphor for resilience in the face of enormous pressures. This community floating on the waters of the Lagos Lagoon is resilient because it is not a rigid community. It is resilient not because the buildings in this community are the strongest in the world but because they are built in sync with nature and not ...

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Boko Haram, ecological scourge and Africa’s uprisings

The conflicts in Africa are both echoes and memories of past turmoil on the continent. While we can hazard a guess that we know where we are coming from, the question of where current events will lead, and if that is where we desire to go, remain open. Africa has the challenge of characterisation in the eyes of the world. ...

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Cross River community moves to save endangered primates

The Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee is the rarest and most endangered of four sub-species of chimpanzee currently found in Africa. Man’s closest living relative, the ape, is fully protected by Nigerian law, and now by communities also. When a chimpanzee was recently killed by a hunter in the Mbe Mountains, the entire community of Bamba in Boki LGA, Cross River State, rose ...

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WCS to manage Nigeria elephants reserve

elephant ivory

  The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has announced that it will partner with the Bauchi State Government to manage the conservation of Yankari Game Reserve, a key protected area in Nigeria that contains the largest remaining population of elephants in the nation and one of the largest in West Africa. WCS signed a four-year MOU with officials in Bauchi State ...

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