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Building a climate-proof Lagos

Governments at all levels have been asked to henceforth reframe climate change issues and seek new kinds of solutions to help affected communities and people deal with negative effects of global warming that exceed their capacities, within the context of the Warsaw International Mechanism on Loss and Damage. This forms one of the resolutions at the recently held Sixth Lagos ...

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2012 flood: Nigeria adopts disaster recovery plan

Nigerians are not in a hurry to forget the widespread flooding that ravaged a considerable part of the nation in 2012. The disaster was unprecedented in the country’s history. Despite warnings of heavy rains in 2013, the flooding of last year’s magnitude is however yet to manifest. But it was enough to jolt the Federal Government from its reverie and ...

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Nwajiuba: How to prepare for 2013 rains

The issue As we approach the rainy season, the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) has warned of possible heavy rainfall this year. Last year NIMET also warned, but this seemed not heeded. The cost in terms of human and materials losses were very severe, and we are still studying to understand the dimensions of the loses in  health, housing and infrastructure, ...

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Climate change, media and Nigeria floods

Predictions by the National Coordinator of Climate Change Network in Nigeria (CCN), Mr. Surveyor Efik, that the Atlantic Ocean washout of the Kuramo Beach and Okun Afa settlements on the coastal city of Lagos are “small signs of bigger calamities to be unleashed on the city and the country,” seems to have manifested earlier than anticipated. Efik may not have ...

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Makurdi flood zone becomes tourist haven

The Makurdi floods have become some sort of a tourist attraction for many residents of the Benue State Capital. After much persuasion from family members to pay a visit to the worst hit part of the town by the floods, I drove my two boys, cousin, uncle, aunty and an in-law through the grid-lock Wurukum Roundabout area where they started ...

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