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Coping with two extremes

Coping with two extremes Wheres the church e1478618499176 300x160

Two migrants fall victim of the vagaries of extreme weather conditions in Lagos, where drought and floods have colluded to make life a hell on earth for residents. The main character in this story is the infamous downpour of Sunday, June 10, 2011   In July 2009, unemployed single mother of two children, Luisa Ono, ventured into rice faming after receiving ...

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Makoko claims no easy victories

Makoko claims no easy victories Makoko 2 300x168 300x160

    Makoko is a metaphor for resilience in the face of enormous pressures. This community floating on the waters of the Lagos Lagoon is resilient because it is not a rigid community. It is resilient not because the buildings in this community are the strongest in the world but because they are built in sync with nature and not ...

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Building a climate-proof Lagos

Building a climate-proof Lagos Nigeria Floods 300x168 300x160

Governments at all levels have been asked to henceforth reframe climate change issues and seek new kinds of solutions to help affected communities and people deal with negative effects of global warming that exceed their capacities, within the context of the Warsaw International Mechanism on Loss and Damage. This forms one of the resolutions at the recently held Sixth Lagos ...

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Concern over polluted Lagos Lagoon

Concern over polluted Lagos Lagoon Lagoon 300x160

Environment activists, operating under the aegis of the Nigerian ASP Implementation Network (NASPIN), have said that residents of the city are sitting on an environmental time bomb as a result of the large scale pollution of the Lagos Lagoon. The NASPIN is an independent, non-profit national alliance of voluntary groups, made up of non-governmental organisations and civil societies that are ...

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Business unusual at 6th Lagos climate summit

Tunji Bello  Business unusual at 6th Lagos climate summit Bello 300x160

Global warming, an offshoot of the climate change phenomenon, is being transformed from a threat of environmental doom to a promise of financial boom, thanks to a range of emerging profit-spinning prospects. As the unsavoury impacts of climate change persist on one hand, the positive side, on the other hand, is throwing up numerous opportunities for investors. “It doesn’t mean ...

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Banning smoking in public in Lagos

Banning smoking in public in Lagos Fashola 296x300 296x160

Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State last week signed a bill banning smoking in public places in the state into law. By implication, nobody can smoke in public places anymore as offenders would be made to pay fine or go to jail. The House of Assembly had recently passed a bill banning smoking in public places and placed fine of ...

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Hello Lagos, Big Brother is watching

Hello Lagos, Big Brother is watching Fashola 296x300

In an apparent bid to curb the spate of crime, the government of Lagos State has activated over a thousand closed-circuit television (CCTV) security cameras, in addition to existing ones. By implication, Lagosians will be continuously monitored by in-house television cameras but, thankfully, not by personal audio microphones; as it is the case in Big Brother, the popular reality game ...

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Healthcare waste management policy formulated

Healthcare waste management policy formulated Healthcare waste 235x160

“Wastes are substances or objects, which are disposed of or are intended to be disposed of or are required to be disposed of by the provision of national law. It is therefore necessary for there to be proper management of medical waste to in order to ensure healthier environment and people.” These were the words of the Managing Director, Lagos State Waste Management Authority ...

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Secret of healthy living at Makoko

One thing I have noticed during my visits to Makoko in Lagos is that the people are ever smiling, lively and vibrant; and they look well fed. MakpI also noticed that they look younger than their age. Alhaji Ibrahim Aladetan, a leader in the waterside community, is 80 years old but you would take him for someone in his 50s. ...

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Climate change: Lagos may upgrade urban plans

The Lagos State Government has been called upon to review and upgrade its urban development master plan to include climate change and adaptation considerations. Similarly, participants at the recently-held 5th Lagos State Climate Change Summit agreed in a communique released at the end of the event that a well-articulated state-level housing and urban policy that mainstreams climate change mitigation and adaptation into ...

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