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Shared value and sustainability

Women farmers  Shared value and sustainability Nestle 300x160

The concept of shared value entails policies and operating practices that enhance the competitiveness of a company while simultaneously advancing the economic and social conditions in the communities in which it operates. Shared value creation focuses on identifying and expanding the connections between societal and economic progress. The concept rests on the premise that both economical and social progress must ...

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VIDEO: World Environment Day 2013

World Environment Day 2013  VIDEO: World Environment Day 2013  video world environment day 2013 300x160

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Tobacco smoking

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Reactions trail Obama’s historic climate plan

Reactions trail Obama’s historic climate plan Obama 300x160

Reactions have trailed plans unveiled on Tuesday by US President, Barack Obama, to combat climate change. Observers say that though the plan isn’t perfect, it nonetheless contains many important steps. Most importantly, the plan calls for the regulation of carbon emissions from U.S. power plants and an end to U.S. support for new coal plants overseas. The Earth Day Network ...

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Obama to take sweeping action on climate

Obama to take sweeping action on climate Obama 300x160

President Obama will announce his intention to limit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from existing power plants, increase appliance efficiency standards and promote renewable energy development on public lands in a speech Tuesday outlining his plan to use executive powers to address climate change. While the president has talked about the need to address global warming, using sweeping rhetoric in his second inaugural address to suggest it ranks as ...

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Groups express concern over World Bank climate report on West Africa

Food production in Western Africa will be hit by more frequent and more extreme heat waves and droughts if the climate continues to alter at its current pace, according to a new report released by the World Bank. The report, titled “Turn Down the Heat – Climate Extremes, Regional Impacts and the Case for Resilience”, takes an in depth look ...

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Barriers to energy efficiency in the Ivory Tower

Ahmadu Bello University  Barriers to energy efficiency in the Ivory Tower ABU

Insufficient awareness and lack of capacity to promote best practices have been identified as key barriers to the development of energy efficiency in Nigeria. This was the major observation a week ago in Abuja when representatives of the nation’s 128 state, federal and private universities gathered to explore ways to promote energy efficiency best practices and conservation in the Ivory ...

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Chemicals management policy underway

A collaboration involving the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Swedish Chemicals Agency and the Federal Ministry of Environment is executing a project aimed at mainstreaming sound management of chemicals into the Millennium Development Goals-based plans and policies. A week ago in Abuja, participants at a two-day event rose at the close of the forum and adopted the draft final report ...

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Gas flaring threatens health of Kaduna residents

Residents of Kaduna in northwest Nigeria, especially those living close to the Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company (KRPC), have expressed reservations over a potential health hazard posed by gas flaring from the nearby refinery. The smoke emitted by the refinery’s chimneys, according to them hovers over their area and goes beyond 10 kilometers in radius, affecting many residents in the ...

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Youths explore ways to alleviate power challenges

The nation’s power crisis has indeed gotten to a crisis situation. Recently, Power Minister, Chinedu Nebo, confirmed the nightmare. He lamented that 120 million Nigerians – representing about 75 per cent of the population – do not have access to electricity. The minister attributed the present challenges to vandalism, unprecedented systems collapse and heavy storms that shattered transmission lines in ...

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