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Youth garner support ahead of global climate strikes

In the lead up to UN Climate Summit taking place in New York between September 20 and 27, 2019, grassroots organisations are galvanising the public to mobilise and support the youth in their effort to fight for real climate solutions.

School climate strike
A school climate strike

“When politicians won’t act to fix a problem or solve an injustice, the people must hold them accountable. The climate crisis is an energy problem, and an intergenerational injustice – and politicians are not addressing either. I support the climate strikers 100%,” said Mohamed Nasheed, former Maldives President. 

Union leaders, former presidents, faith groups and teachers pledge to join the youth-led climate strikes.

Thousands of people are signing up to take part in global climate strikes on the 20th + 27th September, and the “Week for Future” in between.

Large turnouts of people are expected in key locations across the world including New York, Berlin and London.  Actions are taking place in Dakar, Cape Town, Nairobi and in various cities in Latin America, Pacific, Canada and the United States, Asia and in Europe.  

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The weeklong movement will surround the UN Climate Summit being held September 23 in New York, which aims to meet the climate challenge by accelerating actions to implement the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

In addition to people walking out of work to join strikes, marches and rallies, events include music concerts, mass bike rides, teach-ins, people’s assemblies, protests targeting fossil fuel companies, bike races and even a demonstration in someone’s living room!

The strikes movement, which was inspired by Swedish teenager Greta Thurnberg, has spread rapidly across the world in the last 12 months. Strikers are demanding that governments step up to take urgent action to prevent catastrophic climate breakdown.

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Landry Ninteretse, Regional Team Leader,, said: “The fight for liberation was won by young people in Africa, and now we behind climate activists today rising to meet their generations’ fight for a climate just future. Climate justice is equal opportunity for everyone, it means standing up in a moment in history and recognizing the power of many.”

Dorothea Balgetas, Teacher, Philippines: “Next month, we must take collective action for climate justice as a unified force, around the world. If we do not act soon to stop fossil fuel development and secure money to adapt to devastating storms, there will be no one left in 50 years. I will leave work so that my community sees the power that such an action can have.”

Ryan McGibbon Thompson Maritime Union of Australia: “I support the climate strike and the climate strikers because we have one planet to live on, we need to start the transition away from the fossil fuel industry and renewable energy sector. It means good transitional jobs for workers; it means good sustainable industry for future generations to come because we want to live on this planet for as long as possible.”

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May Boeve, Executive Director, “Our movement continues to grow, and we will not rest until we stop burning fossil fuels and until we begin a rapid energy revolution with equity, reparations and climate justice at its heart. Therefore, we support the incredible and brave young people from every corner of this globe who are demanding that we all rise together now.”

Andrés Succar from Lebanon” “I will be striking next month in order to show politicians that we exist and have a voice more powerful than any vote. We will not let them take our futures from us! I urge everybody who loves a young one to join our school climate strikes.”

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