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Nigerian digital media strategist for SDGC/A 2018 health forum

Social media and communications functions during the upcoming forum on “Building and Strengthening Accountability in African Health Systems” conference will be handled by Nigerian youth campaigner and digital media expert, Olumide Idowu.

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Olumide Idowu

Organised by the Sustainable Development Goals Centre for Africa (SDGC/A), the event will hold from March 8 to 9, 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda.

The conference aims to galvanise greater accountability and push governments and health professions to deliver by:

  • calling for commitments and actions by all political and government actors and other leaders in the healthcare sector to enact and enforce a standard regulatory system that facilitates and ensures true accountability in the health system;
  • placing ethical standards at the centre of the quality of care offering;
  • creating greater awareness in the public of their inherent human right to health and along with that, the right they have to hold health officials and practitioners, at all levels, accountable.
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Following the opening panel discussion, three thematic sessions will be held on themes of accountability:

  • Defining the accountability framework necessary to achieve SDG 3 in Africa;
  • Examining how data, research and development engender greater, stronger, long-lasting accountability systems and mechanisms in health in African nations; and
  • Establishing appropriate remedies and other accountability mechanisms to ensure proper functioning of a healthcare system.

Idowu has over 10 years’ working experience on social media, environment, climate change, monitoring & evaluation and sustainable development issues.

A youth climate change policy expert and trainer, he has represented Nigeria and Africa at over 10 high-level global governance meetings on sustainable development.

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He is co-founder of Climate Wednesday, a not-for-profit outfit that seeks to identify key climate-based issues affecting developments in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general.

Besides leading the youth advocacy efforts on environment, climate change and sustainable development in Africa, Idowu serves as Senior Communication Officer for African Youth Initiative on Climate Change, and Technical Assistant to Save the Children Nigeria on advocacy and campaign.

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