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Naoko Ishii reappointed head of Global Environment Facility

Naoko Ishii, CEO of GEF

Naoko Ishii, GEF CEO and Chairperson

Ms. Naoko Ishii was on Thursday in Washington DC appointed for a second four-year term as the CEO and Chairperson of the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The decision to reappoint Ms. Ishii, a Japanese national, was taken by the GEF’s 32-member Council, representing all of the GEFs 183 member countries.

“This decision followed careful consultations among all GEF constituencies,” said Madam Anyaa Vohiri, Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency of Liberia and Co-Chair of the 49th GEF council meeting taking place in Washington DC. “The Council emphasised Ms. Ishii’s strong leadership in advancing a reform agenda for GEF-6, preparing the GEF2020 strategy, delivering a record replenishment, as well as her dedication to improving the GEF partnership.”

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“I am honoured and humbled by the trust shown in me by all GEF’s member countries,” said Ishii. “Our GEF2020 Strategy recognises that Earth is being pushed to its limits, and that an integrated approach is needed to respond to the immense challenges before us. I am convinced that going forward, the GEF can play a key role in supporting countries to make the transformation that is necessary to pursue their development aspirations without jeopardising the global environment.”

“I warmly welcome the re-appointment of Ms. Ishii as the GEF CEO,” said Ms. Wakhungu, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources of Kenya. “The GEF is an important partner for Kenya. I applaud Ms. Ishii’s efforts to drive strengthen the GEF partnership, and for ensuring that the GEF’s support is fully aligned with our national priorities. I look forward to continuing our strong engagement with the GEF.”

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Minister of Finance for Mexico, Luis Videgaray Caso, who last year hosted the GEF Assembly in Cancun, Mexico, congratulated Ms. Ishii, noting: “As a founding member of the GEF, and as a country that finds in the GEF a very strategic partner, Mexico appreciates and recognises Ms. Ishii’s work as the CEO of the GEF. Her efforts have been crucial to achieve a successful sixth replenishment of the Facility in 2014, as well as to ensure an effective allocation of its resources to fight global environmental challenges,” he said.

Ms. Ishii’s reappointment covers the period through July 2020. According to GEF policy, the CEO and Chairperson can serve a maximum of two terms.


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