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Renewable Energy

Eleri: Govt funding of pro-poor energy access on the decline

According to Ewah Eleri, Executive Director, International Centre for Energy, Environment & Development (ICEED), the Financing Pro-poor Energy Access project that his organisation is involved in seeks to reverse the declining Federal Government funding of pro-poor energy access by campaigning for the expansion of the scale of government, private sector and donor funding for pro-poor and gender-sensitive sustainable energy options. He spoke ...

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Why more Nigerians are climbing down the energy ladder

Despite Nigeria’s large oil reserves, energy poverty appears to be one of the most striking characteristics of the citizenry, with the formal power sector consistently failing to deliver. With per capita electricity consumption falling below 150kwh, the situation looks dire. Rural communities, however, seem to suffer the most deprivation – even as a national programme to expand power to the ...

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Tackling Africa’s energy poverty sustainably

To address the persisting energy poverty on the African continent, national and community energy needs should be prioritised over global economic models. This formed part of a range of resolutions from a recent gathering of stakeholders, who urged civil society organisations (CSOs) to advocate for decentralised alternative energy with a focus on affordable and environment-friendly renewables. At the end of ...

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Drawbacks to climate communication, by study

By Michael Simire Dearth of experts with in-depth knowledge of the climate change phenomenon, reluctance on the part of media managements to take the bill for trips that will enable reporters come up with quality reports as well as lack of access to comprehensive data and research journals on the topic have been identified by a study as challenges to ...

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Rio+20: OPEC’s $1b lifeline to combat energy poverty

Succour may just be around the corner for developing nations facing critical energy challenges – especially those in sub-Sahara Africa – if a landmark pronouncement made in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, venue of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), is anything to go by. In the quest to meet the ever-increasing energy needs of industries in the developed ...

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Drawbacks to energy efficiency, by specialists

A lack of management culture has been fingered as a major drawback to the realisation of Nigeria’s energy efficiency dreams. This situation, along with the persisting case of inadequate and far-from-efficient supply, seems to have compounded the woes of the masses as well as the economy. Besides contributing greatly to useful man-hour loss, energy inefficiency also leads to power wastage, ...

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