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Climate Change

Climate deniers and the limits of politics

An instance of consulting some 100 doctors concerning the health of a child and about 97 of the doctors all gave similar prognosis with well proven evidences which all share an above average similitude, Then left with just three of the consulted doctors who in their respected view of  experimentation have not totally arrived at a definite answer. Then having ...

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Danger! Wild global weather looms

In what looks like a doomsday prediction, meteorologists have said the weather is preparing to go wild before the end of this year, as the tropical climate system is primed for a big El Niño. Unfortunately, the world may be at its mercy, as they say no adequate preparation is on ground to contain it. The El Niño, a splurge of ...

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IPCC’s AR5: Adaptation is fundamentally about risk management


In Africa, the primary concern is adapting to the negative impacts of climate change. This means taking both short and long-term approaches to managing climate risks. In the short term, integrating climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction will help withstand shocks to human security and economic development from which recovery can be costly. African governments, businesses and communities can do ...

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Climate change in Nigeria: Any impact?

Climate change has become a new reality and a worldwide phenomenon but a second look at the topic suggests that Nigeria may be immune from it. In effect, climate change will mean a change in such weather condition for a particular location over time. Impact as used may be negative or positive or a combination. A literal definition of climate ...

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August heavy rainfall good for farmers, says NiMet

Mr Joseph Alozie, General Manager, Climate Services, Nigerian Metrological Agency (NiMet), on Friday said that the heavy rainfall recorded since the beginning of August would increase farm yields in 2014.   Alozie made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.   He said that the new rainfall pattern being witnessed would assist farmers ...

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IPCC sends draft Synthesis Report to governments for comment

Authors of the Intergovernmental Report on Climate Change (IPCC) have finished drafting the Synthesis Report of the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) and sent the draft to governments for comments on the text. The Synthesis Report is the final product of the Fifth Assessment cycle. It will integrate key messages from the three recent working group reports: the physical science basis ...

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IPCC’s AR5 and Africa: Adaptation will bring benefits

The fourth in the series sheds light on the IPCC findings that, in the light of the fact that climate change has the tendency to amplify existing stress on agricultural systems particularly in semi-arid environments, adaptation will bring immediate benefits and reduce the impacts of the phenomenon.   In a world that is 4°C warmer, the current cropping areas of ...

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IPCC’s AR5 and implications for Africa

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has produced what appears to be the most comprehensive assessment of climate change ever. The Fifth Assessment Report (AR5), is the work of 830 expert authors from 85 countries and its first three volumes already stretch to 5,000+ pages. The Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) have ...

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Efik: Exigencies of climate actions

The recently released Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has expressly maintained that human influence is extremely likely the dominant cause of observed warming since the mid-20th century, and that the warming of the climate system is unequivocal while the reality of the observation is 95% certainty. This is against the previous AR4 that ...

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IPCC’s AR5 and Africa: How climate change threatens continent’s fragile growth

Farm irrigation

The third feature in the series lays emphasis on the fact that climate change poses challenges to growth and development in Africa   The emissions already in the atmosphere, together with the greenhouse gases that will be emitted in the future, mean that the climate will continue to change. These changes in climate will create new risks and will amplify ...

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