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ISSD: Africa urged to restore seed sector to boost productivity


African governments need to act now and revamp the continent’s seed sector for increased agricultural productivity. Delegates to the Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) Africa Synthesis Conference that ended on Tuesday in Nairobi, Kenya, who made the submission, said that a vibrant seed sector would help Africa improve food and nutrition security. The experts were drawn from academia, government and ...

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Scientists to examine Africa’s seed sector growth


Experts in seed issues are set to meet September 19 – 20, 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya, for a two-day conference that aims to share the outcomes of the two-year Piloting Phase by the Kenya-based Integrated Seed Sector Development in Africa (ISSD Africa). Themed “Breakthroughs for a vibrant seed sector in Africa”, the conference is organised by ISSD Africa in collaboration ...

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Indonesia, EU agree on moves to curb illegal logging

Illegal logging negatively impacting IGR, laments Ogun

Indonesia and the European Union on Thursday agreed that, beginning 15 November 2016, Indonesia can issue the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) licences to verified legal timber products it exports to the EU. The FLEGT Action Plan of 2003 is the EU’s initiative against illegal logging, which aims to reduce illegal logging by strengthening the sustainability and legality ...

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Golden rice and anti-GM rice propaganda

white rice

Last week, the print and electronic media in Nigeria were awash again with a major propaganda news item on Genetically Modified Foods. This time, what looks like a false alarm was raised by unidentified sources that Dangote Plc and the Nigerian government have flooded Nigerian market with GMO rice. The news item was followed with a warning that “eating GMO ...

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EU, US demand regulation, labelling of genetically-derived products

Steve Suppan

The Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD), a network of 77 EU and US consumer organisations, on Thursday published a new resolution on consumer concerns about new genetic engineering techniques. Consumers have right to know when new genetic engineering techniques are used, including in their food, but companies are lobbying to exempt such products from regulation. A number of new genetic engineering techniques ...

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NBMA asked to conduct tests to prove there’s no GM rice in Nigeria

Nnimmo Bassey

In a reaction to claims by the National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA), through its Director-General, Dr. Rufus Ebegba, that there is no iota of truth in the report that genetically modified (GM) rice is present in Nigeria, the Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF) has charged the agency to conduct tests to assure Nigerians there is no GM rice in ...

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Government debunks imported GM rice reports

Rufus Ebegba

Sequel to a media report that the Federal Government and a firm have flooded the Nigerian market with Genetically Modified (GM) rice purported to be poisonous, the National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA) has described the report as false, insisting that GM rice has neither been imported nor released into the country. Director-General of NBMA, ‎Dr. Rufus Ebegba, who disclosed this ...

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Scientists reject Nobel laureates’ pro-GMO letter

GMO rice

GMO supporters “have discarded rigorous science”, says the Union of Latin American Scientists Committed to Society and Nature (UCCSN-AL) The Union of Latin American Scientists Committed to Society and Nature (UCCSN-AL) has issued a statement rejecting the letter signed by Nobel Prize laureates in favour of genetically modified crops and GMO golden rice. About GM crop science in general, UCCSN-AL says: “(Transgenesis) ...

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How Ethiopian farmers harvest data to boost farming

Dangila woreda

What’s the weather doing? It is a question that obsesses many. But, for many Ethiopians, it is a question that makes the difference between plenty and destitution. Ethiopia is a rich and diverse country that is home to around 100 million people, 88 different languages and imbued with long, diverse history. Its highlands are seasonally wet and fertile and its ...

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Ondo, timber merchants collaborate to curb illegal activities

Olusegun Mimiko

Executive members of the Timber Traders Organisation (TTO), Akure-Ofosu branch in Ondo State, have declared their readiness to join hands with the state government in curbing illegal activities of encroachers and poachers in the state forest reserves. They have also shown their willingness to collaborate with the state Ministry of Natural Resources in regenerating the forest reserves. The Chairman of ...

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