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American worries about global warming surge to all-time highs

A recent national survey by the Centre for Climate Change Communication of the George Mason University in the US finds that a large majority of Americans say the issue of global warming is personally important to them, outnumbering those who don’t by more than a 2 to 1 margin. The percentage of Americans who say global warming is personally important is now at a record high (72%), up 9 percentage points since March 2018.

Global warming
The issue of global warming is personally important to about seven in 10 Americans

Other record highs include:

  • 73% of Americans think global warming is happening, an increase of 3 percentage points since March 2018.
  • 62% of Americans understand that global warming is mostly human-caused (+4 points since March 2018). By contrast, a record low 23% say it is due mostly to natural changes in the environment (-5 points since March 2018).
  • 69% of Americans are worried about global warming, including 29% who are “very worried”, an 8-point increase since March 2018.
  • 65% think global warming is affecting weather in the United States, and 32% think weather is being affected “a lot.” About half think global warming made the 2018 wildfires in the western U.S. (50%) and/or hurricanes Florence and Michael (49%) worse.
  • 48% think people in the United States are being harmed by global warming “right now” – an increase of 9 percentage points since March 2018.
  • About half of Americans think they personally (49%, +7 points since March 2018) and/or their family (56%, +9) will be harmed by global warming. Majorities think global warming will harm people in their community (57%, +8 points), people in the U.S. (65%, +7 points), people in developing countries (68%, +6 points), the world’s poor (67%, +4 points), future generations of people (75%, +4 points) and/or plant and animal species (74%, +3 points).
Global warming
Nearly half of Americans think people in the US are being harmed ‘right now’ by global warming

The report, says the centre, includes several other interesting findings, including how often Americans hear and talk about global warming.

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