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Climate change: Tackling poverty, ignorance

Ignorance could often be considered a significant factor of influence in the wise of the low-level   perception of climate change among the common people of the developing world, but a more obvious pointer is their decried poverty state which has negatively influenced their take on the climate issue. The fact is that their common orientation towards devising a more or ...

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Why Nigeria does not need genetically modified foods


In a recent edition of “Fact Sheet,” a publication of the ecological think-tank, Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF), writers Juan Lopez, Mariann Orovwuje and Nnimmo Bassey insist that Nigeria does not need genetically modified crops to satisfy its food and agricultural needs. They claim that the National Biosafety Bill is deficient and that President Goodluck Jonathan should not assent ...

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Journalists get capacity for investigative reporting

In view of the evolving importance of environmental journalism in Nigeria, the practice is about to get a boost as environmental reporters join other journalists to get international training on investigative reporting. This will help strengthen the coverage of environmental issues by using courtroom cross-examination tactics to dig up underlying issues and dynamics which usually get obfuscated by stakeholders across ...

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How government killed Nigeria’s cocoa industry

Our cocoa industry has the potential to employ millions of Nigerians and also create economic spin-offs, which would in turn provide employment for other millions. But, sadly, this is not so. Over the years, successive governments have killed the industry with bad policies, weak vision and deliberate corruption and cooperation with external vested interests. Nigeria is the fourth-largest producer of ...

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‘Nigeria sits on environmental health time bomb’

Just when Nigerians are counting on the possibility that Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, will be counted among the best cities of the world, facts about how well-planned cities are rated have begun to emerge, and the indices suggest that some Abuja high-brow districts are far from measuring up to international standards. It has been disclosed that, environmentally speaking, Asokoro, ...

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How environmental degradation induces insecurity, insurgency

Environmental activists and experts are of the view that deliberate efforts to tackle environmental challenges in Nigeria will help to check the wave of insecurity in the country. According to them, a large chunk of the insecurity around the world can be directly or indirectly linked to environmental issues such as pollution and desert encroachment. They argue that environmental pollution ...

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Preparing for the rains, preventing flood

Going by global climate history and the forecast by the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET), it is almost certain that the rains are set to resume full turtle for the months of July, August and September. The advent of the raining season every year is always greeted with great enthusiasm, particularly by farmers. This usually marks the prelude to the farming ...

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OPIC extends length of Agbara Estate road to 50km

The targeted 10.8 kilometers road re-construction that commenced barely six months ago and is nearing completion at the Ogun State Property and Investment Corporation (OPIC) Estate in Agbara, has grown to 50 kilometers, ostensibly to cater for future needs being ushered in by the state’s infrastructural rebirth. OPIC Managing Director, Babajide Odusolu, who made the disclosure, pointed out that this ...

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Fadina: How Nigeria should respond to IPCC report

Prince Lekan Fadina

Prince Lekan Fadina, Executive Director at Centre for Investment, Sustainable Development, Management and Environment (CISME), is an international negotiator on climate change and sustainable development. He has been representing Nigeria in international forums for over two decades. While in Abuja for a duty tour of the FCT branch of his organisation, he spared some time off his busy schedule to ...

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