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World Environment Day: Environmentalist clamours programmes to curb biodiversity loss

The International community has been called upon to continue to push through, programmes that will address the issue of biodiversity loss and design relevant responses that are sustainable and with a focus on the direct and indirect drivers of change.

Loss of biodiversity: deforestation. Photo credit: telegraph.co.uk

Mary Sewuese Kuma-Shima, Founder/Executive Director, Angel Support Foundation, who made the submission on Thursday, June 4 in commemoration of the World Environment Day, said that renewable energy systems should continue to get attention in order to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Observed yearly on June 5, the theme for World Environment Day 2020 is “Celebrate Biodiversity”, with a focus on its role in providing the essential infrastructure that supports life on earth and human development. It has been described as a call to focus on the care for nature by exploring and partaking in activities that are essential to nature for a better life and human development.

Kuma-Shima lamented that the Federal Government of Nigeria’s tree planting campaign and similar projects initiated by organisations like ECO Bank, Access Bank, Oxfam and some states notwithstanding, individuals and rural communities appear not to have not been reached through the campaign to create awareness on mitigating climate change.

“Other environmental issues such as plastic pollution, wildlife crime, and waste management need to be addressed on the same pace as tree planting. Nigeria has only one organic waste management plant which is insufficient.

“It is important for all states to provide proper waste management facilities and review policies on waste management and wildlife crime. Strengthen enacted laws and prohibitions on the issues cited above to be adhered by individuals and corporate bodies,” she stated.

According to her, corporate bodies and individuals should take responsibility by leveraging on purchasing power to help protect biodiversity by consuming products that do not harm the environment.

“They can also engage in biodiversity friendly activities such as reducing carbon toxins by taking a walk, planting trees, reducing the use of petroleum-based chemicals on the soil, supporting and engaging in organic farming.

“Educating people about the importance of biodiversity conservation to increase public awareness on these issues, is also a potent solution to be sustained. All hands should be on deck to protect biodiversity and save our planet. The Earth is the only planet we have, let us save it!”

Kuma-Shima stressed that Angel Support Foundation has implemented series of programmes in the area of environment via tree planting, beat plastic pollution, sanitation and awareness creation on climate change and the environment in general.

“It is our burning desire to continue to initiate, support and facilitate all efforts to ensure that everyone in the rural and urban communities is aware of the need to protect our environment in line with SDGs 13, 14 and 15,” she said.

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