Saturday 17th April 2021
Saturday, 17th of April 2021
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TV Report: The GMO controversy

Campaigners against the adoption of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Nigeria have taken their demands to the Minister of State, Environment, Ibrahim Usman Jibril. The groups are demanding increased funding to research institutions to encourage home-grown technology to boost the country’s food security.

The Minister assured the group of government’s commitment to upholding standards on scientific findings while appreciating concerns raised over the safety of the GMO technology, which began about 37 years ago, compelling groups in Nigeria to continue to demand accountability from the government.

Salamatu Ibrahim reports….


One comment

  1. Moses Ishaya Lochang

    A big welcome development; we can’t rely on foreign fraudulent organizations that feed fat on our local agriculturists.
    Monsanto and other firms hinding trying to make Nigeria dependence will be kicked and resisted.


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