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Toxic waste: NESRA to sanction detained ship

Director-General of the National Environmental Standard and Regulatory Agency (NESRA), Dr. Ngeri Benebo, has said that the agency will place a heavy sanction on the e-waste ship that was arrested on Wednesday.


Benebo said on Thursday that, upon its apprehension, it was discovered that the ship was carrying e-waste that is hazardous to human health. Consequently, she added, the ship would be sanctioned and sent back to its port of origin.

On Wednesday, the ship was detained by Nigerian security agents and environmental officials  on suspicion of carrying e-waste which they said  is toxic and posed a threat to human health.

The ship, M.V Marevia, brought in two containers considered very dangerous and sent port officials into a state of panic.

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Benebo said: “Yes, a ship was detained on Wednesday on suspicion of carrying e-waste. And as of Wednesday, it was a suspect; but as of today (Thursday), it has been confirmed. We are going to sanction them and enforce our law. And at the sometime the e-waste that has been off loaded from the ship would be taken back on board and to be sent back to the port of origin. All the necessary papers are being processed. The vessel will be sanctioned by the Federal Government.”


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