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How the GEF e-mobility Africa opportunities add up, by Rubia

David Rubia is the Africa Programme Management Officer for the Global Environment Facility (GEF) supported Global E-Mobility Programme. In an interview, he shared his optimism about the benefits of electrifying multiple modes of transportation in Africa (from two and three-wheelers to buses to airport ground-support fleets), and reflected on what the COVID-19 crisis has reminded him about the value of connectivity ...

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Changing environmental trajectory to build Africa’s sustainable cities


The Nakivubo wetland, one of several large wetland systems within and around the Ugandan city of Kampala, is severely degraded. The volumes of contaminated runoff entering wetland channels from informal areas and partially treated wastewater from the overburdened sewage works have increased significantly. The city is considering rehabilitating the Nakivubo wetland, but it would cost $53 million, in addition to ...

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Five sustainable cities making a difference

Copenhagen Denmark

For centuries, cities have been at the heart of the arts and culture, thriving businesses, and innovative ideas. Over 90 percent of urban areas are coastal, which means that most cities on the planet are extremely vulnerable to the effects of the climate crisis as sea levels rise, polar ice melts, and powerful storms sweep across these regions. The sheer number of ...

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World Bank, GEF launch ‘Global Platform for Sustainable Cities’

Naoko Ishii

Under the GPSC, the international community is investing over a billion dollar in the sustainable cities of the future City leaders from around the world who met on Wednesday in Singapore, the island city-state off southern Malaysia, have launched the Global Platform for Sustainable Cities (GPSC), which is part of an initiative funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The GPSC ...

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World bicycle ownership going downhill, says report

World bicycle ownership going downhill, says report

Bicycle ownership around the world is declining amid rising wealth levels and increased use of motorised vehicles in developing countries, a study has found. Four out of 10 households on the planet own a bike, according to a paper based on surveys from 150 countries between 1989 and 2012. But the growing popularity and affordability of motorised transport, such as ...

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GEF to invest $255 million in forestry, food security, cities


In the light of its bid to address environmental challenges facing the planet, the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) is beefing-up the impact of its investments and tackling drivers of degradation. Consequently, the organisation has refreshed its global strategy over the next four years. A select number of integrated investments will seek to produce multiple environmental benefits by working with a ...

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