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Features, remedies to Benue flood disaster

Features, remedies to Benue flood disaster Flood1 300x160

The recently released report of “The 2012 Flood Impact Assessment” of Benue State conducted by the Benue Non-governmental Organisation Network (BENGONET) with support from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Benue State Government aims to bring to the fore the extent of the damage caused by the flood and the need to carryout interventions that will mitigate its effects ...

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A tale of two dams

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) has warned that the rains will be intensive this year and that communities located along the Niger River basin should brace up for more flood. NIMET officials gave the prediction recently while presenting the agency’s report of this year’s rainfall expectations. They put the commencement of the rains from February running through June, with a ...

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Fresh flood worries as govt warns of Lake Nyos collapse

The spate of flooding spreading across the land may not abate soon. In fact, if recent revelations are anything to go by, the situation is about to worsen. The latest threat is coming from the least expected source: a harmless-looking but notorious lake in neighbouring Cameroon known more for releasing killer gases than causing flooding: the Lake Nyos. Exasperated officials ...

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30 years of Nigeria’s failure to tackle Cameroon dam flooding

The annual large scale flooding experienced in Nigeria following the release of water from the Lagdo Dam in Cameroon could have been curbed some 30 years ago had the authorities been proactive. Since 1982 when the dam was built in Lagdo town on the Adamawa Plateau in the Northern Province of Cameroon along the course of the Benue River, lowland ...

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Death toll from dam flooding rises to 30

The death toll from flooding in north eastern Nigeria after heavy rain and the release of water from a dam in Cameroon has risen to 30, with some 120,000 people displaced, an official has disclosed. Water was released from the Lagdo Dam in late August in neighbouring Cameroon after officials there had warned Nigeria earlier. The opening of the dam ...

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Cameroon to Nigeria: Expect more water from Lagdo Dam

A team of four Nigerian experts that went on a fact-finding mission to the Lagdo Dam in Cameroon has been denied access to the facilities by local officials. On an instruction to obtain relevant information and hydrological data with respect to releases from the dam that led to the death of about 15 persons and the submersion of some 250 ...

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