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After cotton and maize, Nigeria to release more GM food – Ebegba

Rufus Ebegba

Sir Rufus Ebegba, the director-general and chief executive officer of the National Biosafety Management Agency (NABMA), at a meeting held in Abuja to review two applications submitted for the release of genetically-modified (GM) cotton and maize, said Nigerians should prepare to see more GM products in the market to serve as alternative to consumers’ choice. In this interview with Etta Michael ...

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Unstable cotton sector struggles to balance cost and benefits

Michael Renner

Growing cotton provides livelihoods for an estimated 100 million households in as many as 85 countries. But adverse global market conditions and reliance on large doses of water, fertilizer, and pesticides impose considerable social and environmental costs, writes Michael Renner, senior researcher at the Worldwatch Institute. Although synthetic materials are making inroads, cotton remains by far the most important natural fiber ...

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