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Messages through the lens: Nigerian youths champion climate awareness using photography


Since the first quarter of 2021, Mayowa Adebo and his team of photographers, have been travelling to different parts of Nigeria to document how climate change is affecting communities – urban and rural. A log transporter. Image Title: Fallen (A man arranging logs of wood after a massive deforestation at Luvu community of Nasarawa state.) Credit: Wole Hammond, March 2019 ...

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American voters prefer candidates who support climate action, says survey


A recent survey by the George Mason University’s Centre for Climate Change Communication has found that majority of voters in the United States of America prefer candidates who support actions to address the menace of climate change. Too often, the debate about climate change in the US is portrayed as one between Democrats and Republicans. In fact, study has shown ...

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Between climate change and the journalist

Environmental Journalism Scientists are increasingly confident that we are already seeing the impact of climate change. That means journalists have a real opportunity to tell local, personal stories about climate change that are both scientifically accurate and relevant to people’s daily lives. – Dr. Heather Goldstone, Boston, USA. It is increasingly becoming common to see journalists who ordinarily would never ...

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How climate change hurts Ghana, by Kuffour

  “Climate Change is like some feet that creeps on a family in the dead of the night and wraps around the members entangling them in ways in which they cannot free themselves. Climate change events have become so complex and uncertain that the developed nations are at loss as to how to predict related events. Climate change is now ...

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