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Food security concerns as climate change threatens wheat production


One of the biggest concerns about climate change is the effect it will have on agriculture. Many studies have suggested that rising temperatures could be harmful to farms around the world, although there’s plenty of uncertainty about how bad things will get and which food supplies we should worry about most. Now, a new study published in a recent edition of Nature Climate ...

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Paris: Ki-moon convenes high-level event, Buhari to endorse pact

Ban Ki-moon

United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, will convene a special High-Level Event on Entry into Force of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change on Wednesday, 21 September at the UN Headquarters in New York for the deposit of instruments of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession to the Paris Agreement on climate change. With China and the United States formally joining the Paris ...

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Lagos, rains, climate change, sea level rise and youth

‘The rains are here again, bringing conundrum that is difficult to cope with, confusion, wailing and a myriad of feelings and emotions. No more shelter to call home, clean drinking water is polluted and diseases are on the rise’ What is going to happen next? Trying to put myself in the shoes of people that live by the coastline, I can ...

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Investment flows signal shift towards cleaner energy


A new IEA report – World Energy Investment 2016 – shows the electricity sector leading a broad reorientation of energy investment but warns more is needed to meet climate targets and address energy security concerns In a first-ever detailed analysis of investment across the global energy system, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Wednesday in London that global energy investment ...

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World takes stock, celebrates 22nd Ozone Day

Ban Ki-moon

As the world observes the 22nd International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer on September 16, 2016, stakeholders have taken up an appraisal of efforts made in the past to protect the atmosphere and preserve man’s existence on earth. Themed: “Ozone and climate: Restored by a world united”, the 2016 International Ozone Day recognises the collective efforts of ...

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Time to ban polluters from climate negotiations

Fossil fuel pollution

The word “fossil” is derived from Latin and primarily means, “dug up”. However, it is important we know that the old forests, which had been pressed into coal and the ocean life that was pressed into oil over millions of years back, are what is known as “fossil fuels” today. Fossil fuel industry, on the other hand, specialises in the ...

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Climate change poses risk to security, say military experts


Prominent members of US national security community warn that higher temperatures and rising seas will inundate bases and fuel conflict A coalition of 25 military and national security experts, including former advisers to Ronald Reagan and George W Bush, has warned that climate change poses a “significant risk to US national security and international security” that requires more attention from ...

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How COP22 is crucial to Africa’s green growth


Across the globe, nations have kick-started a new and exciting development agenda aimed at ending poverty and reducing risks linked with climate change, pollution and over-exploitation of the natural environment. This journey to a brighter, more prosperous and resilient future has been forged through two powerful and mutually re-enforcing pathways – the Paris Climate Change Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals of 2015. Patricia ...

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Market approaches adjudged key to combatting climate change

Jeju Island

Experience gained using markets in the Asia-Pacific region to combat climate change can help ensure success of the global climate change agreement adopted in Paris last December. This was the consensus of the 300 participants, from 60 countries, at this year’s Asia-Pacific Carbon Forum that held recently in Jeju Island, Republic of Korea. After three days of panel discussions, meetings ...

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Akwa Ibom receives climate resilience development blueprint

Prof Hillary Inyang

In line with the objective of the recently held Climate Change and Clean Energy Summit aimed at developing a strategic framework for management and investment in climate change mitigation and adaptation in the state, a draft Roadmap for Sustainable and Climate-resilient Economic Development in Akwa Ibom State has been presented to the Commissioner for Environment and Mineral Resources, Dr. Iniobong ...

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