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Storm overflows dump sewage into UK waters

Storm overflows dumped sewage into rivers and seas across England for more than 3.6 million hours in 2023, more than double of what obtained the previous year.

Storm overflow
Storm overflow

The country’s environmental agency data reveal there were 464,056 spills in 2023, up 54 per cent from 301,091 in 2022.

The agency attributed the situation partly to England experiencing its sixth-wettest year on record.

The figures reveal the frequency and duration of spills from storm overflows, which dump untreated sewage into rivers and seas.

This is usually during heavy rainfall to stop sewers backing up, amid high levels of public concern and anger over the state of England’s waterways and beaches.

The duration of the sewage spills has more than doubled from 1,754,921 hours in 2022, to 3,606,170 hours in 2023, the figures show.

Both the frequency and duration of spills were also up in 2020 levels, which saw comparable amounts of rainfall.

The figures were at their highest ever levels, although officials caution that comparisons over the years are difficult.

This is because an increasing number of storm overflows have been fitted with monitors overtime, with all now having the technology to record spills.


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