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Senegal accelerates development of renewable energy

The West African nation of Senegal is partnering with worldwide energy player, ENGIE, to speed up the development of renewable energies in the country. The country‘s National Renewable Energies (service business/government unit/power/functioning) (ANER), (not very long ago) signed a partnership agreement with the firm.

Isabelle Kocher-Senegal
ENGIE Group CEO, Isabelle Kocher

As part of this agreement, ENGIE more than that commits to market power for a given time operation contracts ( EPC) to do with industry operators and the third/ (had a relation with to three) part/area in extremely sized city-based communities in Senegal. The end, purpose is to get returned to other form places/locations’ power for a given time use and help to (state where lots of good things are thrown away and not used) the Senegalese electrics system. In Senegal, ENGIE will (evaporation of water from leaves) the idea of EPC that it has used in its well-built work to do with industry person for whom one does work and extremely sized third/ (had a relation with to three) markets almost the earth for many years.

The first (or most important) concentration, it was collected will be on (related to electricity controlled by light) sun powered boards for the generation of power and sun oriented water-warmers for the creation of boiling point water. Together, ANER and ENGIE will (ask lots of questions about/try to find the truth about) financing answers for this gear to encourage their arrangement to customers.

As a feature of this agreemention, ENGIE also/and promises to market energy execution contracts (EPC) to modern managers and the third/(related to three) part in long/big city-based groups in Senegal. The goal is to reduce destinationsenergy use and (change to make better/change to fit new conditions) the Senegalese electrical (solid basic structure on which bigger things can be built). In Senegal, ENGIE will (change to make better/change to fit new conditions) the idea of EPC that it has used as a part of its whole mechanical customer, big third/(related to three) markets the world over for a long time.

The final part of the try-on involves ENGIE‘s participation in an industrial group to (help increase/show in a good way) renewable energies (clearly/for a single purpose) by professional training behavior strengthening the local industrial network.

Isabelle Kocher, the ENGIE CEO, declared: “ENGIE is aiming to use its technical experience and (related to managing money) ability to support Senegal’s energy policy, in close partnership with local (people who are interested in a project or business). The agreement we have signed today, reflects our want to be a major person (who is interested in a project or business) in renewable energies and services in Africa, to solve the huge energy supply problems found on the continent.”

In Senegal, ENGIE has been selected for the Dakar TER project in partnership with Thales, for the design and production of (basic equipment needed for a business or society to operate)s and systems, with a contract amounting to 225 million euros. The Group is also involved in the Senergy project, a 30 MW (related to electricity controlled by light) power station in the town of Santiou Mekhe, scheduled for commissioning in 2017.

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