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Organisations showcase new product for environmental remediation

Netview Enviro Com Ltd in collaboration with manufacturers of Peat Sorb Incorporation, Canada on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 showcased a Peat Sorb product for environmental remediation and oil/chemical spills to the Federal Ministry of Environment in Abuja.

Mohammad Abubakar
Minister of Environment, Dr. Mohammad Abubakar

Director, Pollution and Control in the ministry, Mr Charles Ikea, at the demonstration of the product, said that the ministry was ready to accept the product in as much as it would be conducive to the environment.

Ikea was represented by Mr Olubumi Olusanyan, also a director in the ministry.

He said that the essence of showcasing the product was to let the world know that the company has a product as well as proving to people how effective the product works.

According to him, the ministry is having many competent hands to work with the organisations on the project because the target is to have a product that will be conducive for all and the environment as well.

“The ministry has been working with many technologists that are environmentally friendly, efficient, effective and available.

“The ministry is ready to partner with you but we know that the purpose of remediation is to solve the problem, we will not want to suffer from a problem and enter into another problem in the name of solving a problem.

“The first thing is for them to show us what they have, we have seen the product being demonstrated then if we have any observation we let them know.

“That is the reason we are interested to witness the demonstration and to see how efficacy and effective the product will work,’’ he said.

Mr Noel Howard, International Representative of the Peat Sorb product, said that the peat sorb brand had been approved and certified for use in Nigeria by the National Oil Spill Detection and Regulation Agency (NOSDRA).

Howard said that the product had also been approved by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and other international regulators such as Environmental Protection Agency, U.S.

The representative said that he had 100 per cent hope that the product would work well in the cleaning-up of the environment, adding that the government was committed to accepting the product.

“At this stage, the government is 100 per cent behind us because we have something sound it is very important to ensure that we get the project done.

Mr Augustine Obisike, Representative of Netview, said that the demonstration was to know how effective the product was being impacted by oil or any other pollutant.

Obisike said that the essence of introducing the product was to ensure that the environment was clean and safe when it would be used.

He said that the organisations had visited some relevant stakeholders, adding that the stakeholders were ready to work with them.

“Some of the stakeholders who are effectively working in Ogoniland that we visited confessed that they can do a better job with the product.

“The consultant has also been to Ogoniland in 2015 when the project was put together, they were given a site, where they demonstrated the effectiveness of the product, although Netview was not involved then.

“Now we are starting afresh, we have government agencies and some environmental stakeholders who are actively committed and we have discussions with them about the product,’’ he said.

Speaking, Mrs Comfort Sako, Assistant General-Manager, Transition Company of Nigeria, said if the product could be effective and reliable, it would be useful to the company and the country at large.

According to her, if the product is effective and reliable it will help our organisation to maintain our work.

“Let just hope that it will work exactly the way they are presenting it, if it works well, then we can also try it to see how it will give us a positive result.

“But the most important thing is to know if the product can be sustained in the country,’’ she said.

By Vivian Emoni

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