Monday 8th March 2021
Monday, 8th of March 2021
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Video: Changing face of Mangrove Ecology

The mangrove is a very unique specie of plant that helps in protecting our coastal area from certain disaster. It is also a plant that most communities depend on as their source of livelihood.
The mangrove is fast depleting due to human activities and an invasive specie of plant called the Nypa palm. There is a serious cry-out for all communities to be given orientation on the need to stop wood logging as this action may aid in wiping out the community in future.

Alternative use of fuel efficient stove should be encouraged to detach community members from the use of firewood to cook even though it is seen as their lifestyle.


Cash incentives should be the motivational factor for many communities to key into the ecological restoration programme of the mangrove.

Nkese Eneyo reports….


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