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LAWMA to wind down Olusosun landfill

The Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) says it is planning to wind down the Olusosun Dumpsite and close it properly, being an artificial hill.

Olusosun dumpsite
Capping at the Olusosun dumpsite in Lagos

Mr Ola Oresanya, the LAWMA Managing Director, dropped the hint on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

Oresanya said that the Olusosun Dumpsite was in its final stage of closure, adding that the site must be properly covered.

“Olusosun was designed for 30 years. The site was purposely designed by the World Bank and opened for business by December 1992.

“So, Olusosun is winding down now; and when the government closed it temporarily, it was because of the fire disaster to allow stability in the system.

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“What we have just done now is to complete the closure plan of Olusosun.

“We have to wind down the place and close it properly, because it is an artificial hill that was created, using refuse,” LAWMA chief said.

According to him, the agency will be using the refuse to stabilise the slope so that the community will not run into trouble.

Oresanya said that the state government would determine what the place would be used for in future.

“It can be used as a city golf course or a city green park.

“The use will be determined by the state government to the benefit of the community, especially those who suffered the pains and discomfort of building the mountain,” Oresanya said. 

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By Okuanwan Offiong


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