Wednesday 13th November 2019
Wednesday, 13th of November 2019
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Images: Making interlocking blocks from plastic waste

The Developmental Association for Renewable Energy (DARE) has began training youths on how to recycle plastic waste, albeit to make interlocking tiles, blocks, roofing tiles, and to decorate homes.

The Kaduna-based not-for-profit group takes EnviroNews through the process on Sunday, January 6, 2019.

Plastic waste to interlocks
Sorting out the plastic wastes gathered from the communal waste dump
Plastic waste to interlocks
Sieving fine sand off larger particles
Plastic waste to interlocks
Mixing the sorted plastic waste with fine sharp sand under a temperature of about 500 degree C
Plastic waste to interlocks
Forming different geometric forms of interlocks and in various colours
Plastic waste to interlocks
Brown interlocks
Plastic waste interlocks
Green interlocks
Plastic waste to interlocks
One of the trainers seems excited with the practical laying of the first tranche of the interlocks

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