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Heat wave: Experts urge Nigerians to restore forest habitats in homes

Some environment experts in Abuja have urged Nigerians to restore forest habitats in their homes, to mitigate the current heat wave from climate change.

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They made the call on Sunday, March 17, 2024, in separate interviews due to the recent heat wave in the country.

Executive Director, Global Initiative for Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation (GIFSEP), Dr Michael David, said heat wave was the drying of streams and rivers.

He urged Nigerians to plant more trees and restore forest habitats in homes to mitigate climate change.

“To address the impact of heat wave and the drying of rivers and streams requires a more comprehensive strategy on climate adaptation process, water management and generally ecosystem restoration.”

The executive director added that the factors being experienced in the country were due to climate change characterised by the intensity and duration of the heat.

David said there was urgent need to safeguard water resources for future generations.

“Heat wave exposes to drought and contributes to health problems in humans and wildlife, leading to high break of diseases.

“Heat wave causes a lot of socio-economic impacts on communities, water scarcity, raises a lot of conflict in communities; livelihoods are affected as well as animals and farmers. Communities are also displaced, leading to migration of people.”

Mr Ene Owoh, the National Coordinator, Clean-up Nigeria (CUN), said it was important to note that water and climate change were intellect.

He said: “Climate change affects water supply in several ways from the present unpredictable rain falls to the depreciating water levels in streams.

“The rising sea levels, the cases of flood and drought, all of these boil down to the climate change.

“The truth be told, climate change has altered the availability of water, thus making it less plentiful in the world.

“Climate change has caused water shortage, drought and the decrease of agricultural produce.

“Let us bear it in mind that any increase in temperature level will have consequence on water level as well as human beings.”

By Abigael Joshua

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