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GEF-7 projects allocation tops agenda at Nigeria’s National Dialogue

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) National Dialogue for Nigeria holds in Abuja, the federal capital city, from April 10 to 11, 2019.

Naoko Ishii
Naoko Ishii, CEO and Chairperson of the GEF

The objective of the meeting is to provide a platform for project submission and country allocation for the GEF-7 Cycle focus for the implementation of the impact programme which expression of interest had been forwarded to the GEF Secretariat in Washington DC, as well as other projects to be worked out in tandem with GEF-7 policies and focus for implementation in the new cycle.

According to GEF, National Dialogues provide a means for a broad range of stakeholders within a country (government ministries and agencies, non-governmental/civil society organisations, communities, academic and research institutions and the private sector, as well as partners and donors) to come together to learn, discuss and agree, or take steps toward agreement, on environmental issues across the board.

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This, it was gathered, includes information and validation of national objectives, policies, strategies and the means to achieve them; how to mainstream environment in national decision-making; national positions in Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) and coordination; incorporating the capital value of environment to national accounting and other issues of interest.

GEF issues are normally a component of National Dialogues insofar as the GEF Partnership is one of the sources of financing and support available to the country.

GEF is encouraging participants attending the National Dialogue to take its free online course – “Introduction to the GEF” – in advance of the event, saying that “it will benefit your participation”.

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The course is available through the GEF Academy and provides an overview of the GEF.

GEF said: “By completing the course, you will gain knowledge of the GEF’s mission, history and institutional structure. You will understand the organising principles and areas of work in the 7th GEF replenishment period (GEF-7). You will also learn about key cross cutting issues; the basics of GEF funding and its operational policies, as well as the results framework for GEF-7.”

Last December, the 55th GEF Council meeting approved of its first work programme under its new, four-year investment cycle, known as GEF-7, and a series of decisions that will firm up its implementation policies and procedures.

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The work programme, made up of 18 different projects benefiting 25 countries around the world, will require $157.8 million, and is expected to attract an indicative $819.7 million in financing from other sources.


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