Wednesday 26th February 2020
Wednesday, 26th of February 2020
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GCF broadens global reach with Conservation International agreement

The Green Climate Fund has signed an Accreditation Master Agreement with Conservation International, broadening the Fund’s global reach to support climate action.

Howard Bamsey  GCF broadens global reach with Conservation International agreement Howard Bamsey

Executive Director, Green Climate Fund (GCF), Howard Bamsey

Conservation International, an international non-profit organisation and GCF Accredited Entity, is helping to protect nature and encourage sustainable development in over 30 countries across six continents.

Accreditation Master Agreements are critical as they deepen ties between GCF and its Accredited Entities, which propose and carry out the climate finance projects GCF approves. They are also a prerequisite for the disbursement of project funds.

Conservation International President, Jennifer Morris, said the signing of the Accreditation Master Agreement is a critical step in helping the organisation address climate change.

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“CI has a long history of using nature-based solutions to combat climate change in countries around the world least able to cope with a changing climate,” said Ms Morris.

“Joining forces with the GCF provides us with additional financial means to expand our reach and increase our impact. This will include the launch of a first of its kind public-private investment programme to stimulate investment in climate-resilient land use in Madagascar, our first approved GCF project.”

GCF Executive Director, Howard Bamsey, said GCF would benefit from the international NGO’s well-established model of conservation based on science, fieldwork and strong partnerships with governments and indigenous people’s organisations.

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“Conservation International’s rich experience in reducing deforestation and improving agricultural practices will be a welcome addition to the Fund’s growing capacity to deal with climate change,” Mr Bamsey said.

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