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EU unveils solar tree, contributes €165m for renewable energy in Nigeria

The delegation of the European Union (EU) to Nigeria and Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has unveiled a solar tree at the EU Delegation Office Complex Abuja, to highlight the union’s commitment to renewable solar energy in Nigeria.

solar street lighting
Solar street lighting

Ambassador of the EU to Nigeria and ECOWAS, Ketil Karlsen, unveiled the solar tree on Thursday, May 2, 2019 to spotlight its current actions in Nigeria and as part of activities to highlight the use of the sun as a source of energy.

“On the occasion of Europe Day this year, we decided to put the spotlight on one particular issue that is vital for everything else and that is the accesibilty to affordable energy.

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“For the availability of jobs, it is absolutely vital that businesses can thrive and for businesses to thrive it is important that they have access to affordable energy in order to compete,” Karlsen said.

Karlsen revealed that the EU set aside €165 million to cater for over 90 million Nigerians and business owners without access to affordable renewable energy.

“A very significant number of people do not have access to affordable energy options as a result the EU has set aside €165 million, supplemented by other financing opportunities with specific funding for Nigerian businesses in order to promote better use of renewable energy in this country.

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“This room we are sitting in, is being fueled by renewable energy, very soon we will unveil the source of that energy in this compound that will be fueled by solar energy.

“We thought that instead of preaching this we should walk the talk ourselves by making use of renewable energy sources for our own day to day work.

“Now we need to reach out to the people that need renewable energy all over Nigeria.

“We are meeting and working closely with with federal and state counterparts to see how life changing it could be when people who do not have access to affordable energy all of a sudden have it, this also affects business owners,” he said.

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By Edward Ojiah


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