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Environmentalist harps on carbon neutrality to mitigate climate change

An environmentalist, Miss Gloria Bulus, has harped on the need to practice carbon neutrality to mitigate climate change issues in the country.

Gloria Bulus
Gloria Bulus

Bulus, founder of Bridge-that-Gap Initiative, disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday, January 3, 2019 in Lagos.

Carbon Neutrality is acting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero, and then offsetting an equivalent amount of any remaining emissions.

It is used in the context of carbon dioxide releasing processes associated with transportation, energy production, and industrial processes such as production of carbon neutral fuel.

The environmentalist said that carbon neutral environment required concerted effort of the government and all environmental stakeholders.

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“Being carbon neutral allows individuals, groups, and organisation to be actively part of climate change solution.

“If we can see and understand the need to protect our environment by changing our lifestyles by reducing our carbon footprint, then we can achieve a carbon neutral environment.

“To achieve climate neutrality there must be an understanding of what it means, its impact and solutions.

“It requires cooperation from individuals, organisations, government and even political will,” she told NAN.

Bulus also harped on the role of sensitisation and advocacy to achieve a carbon neutral environment.

“Carbon neutrality can be achieved by individual conscious of the need to mitigate climate change.

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“This can be built through sensitisation, awareness, and advocacy campaigns.

“The government can also help achieve this through implementation of relevant environmental laws and policies.

“Environmental regulatory bodies still have so much to do. We still have a lot to learn in terms of environmental protection.

“The impact of such bodies needs to be felt and seen at all levels, the mass media, civil societies and the government must build a coalition for the purpose of a carbon neutral country,” Bulus said.

The environmentalist also highlighted the benefits of a carbon neutral country, adding: “Zero carbon footprint helps mitigate climate change impacts and build environmental protection.’’

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“Its contribution directly to water resources will improve its quality and promoting sustainable use.

“Carbon neutrality practice will promote environmentally responsible companies, sustainable agriculture, reduction of air and land pollution and biodiversity.

“These are some of the reasons that stir up our action against climate change,” she said.

By Mercy Omoike


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