Friday 13th December 2019
Friday, 13th of December 2019
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The Eagle Online announces short break for better service

The Management of The Eagle Online has announced a short break in its online news service. According to the management, the break is to allow for a change of its host.

Dotun Oladipo

Dotun Oladipo, Managing Director, The Eagle Online

In a statement signed by the Managing Editor of the online newspaper, Dotun Oladipo, on Wednesday, the break will commence from 12am on Thursday.

Oladipo said the management was initially considering skeletal services during the period, but it was discovered that owing to the large number of files to be moved, access to the news portal could become frustrating.

The statement added: “However, we shall keep our esteemed readers update via all our social media channels with headlines of major stories during the period of the break.”

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Oladipo said the process should, hopefully, be completed by the weekend, with full services to be back on Monday morning.

He added: “The essence of the change of host is to serve our readers better.”

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