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Climate change, women’s rights top discussions at HRC56

Rights of women and impacts of climate change on food and health security will be major subjects of discussion at the upcoming 56th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

Omar Zniber
President of UNHRC, Amb. Omar Zniber

The President of UNHRC, Amb. Omar Zniber, made this known during a virtual news conference on the agenda of the council’s 56th Regular Session to hold from June 18 to July 12 in Geneva.

Zniber said that, at the session, there would be important panels on the adverse impacts of climate change as well as presentations on country situations.

“Our session will also have to develop very numerous interactive dialogues with special rapporteurs on the adoption of wrap-up reports, and we forecast a number of between 20 and 25 resolutions to be adopted.

“There will be a presidential discussion on the trilogy, meaning the impact of climate change on food and health security.

“This session is called for, to have an in-depth debate to exchange suggestions, recommendations and observations about these subjects which are a matter of concern,” Zniber said.

He said that the purpose of the presidential discussion was to have a co-ordinated approach on the subjects so that the council would be more vocal and active when dealing with them.

According to him, millions of populations worldwide are living in food insecurity.

“Likewise, when it comes to the question of health, with all the developments we have witnessed these past few years, it is unfortunate that a huge part of the world’s population has no access to modern medicine.

“As a human rights council, we have to care about that, particularly as climate change is impacting severely on populations already suffering from these difficult situations.”

He said that climate change was deteriorating the environment and biodiversity.

Zniber said that from human rights perspective, the council should run at the best speed when tackling the issues.

According to him, the second important event at the session will be on June 24 and devoted to celebration of women in diplomacy.

He said that issues of gender parity and equity in the world of diplomacy was fundamental.

“We will celebrate this day and particularly insist on what can be done to make gender equity a full reality within the international organisation.

“The president of the general assembly has established gender equity and parity as one of his major priorities as it is the case for me,” Zniber said.

By Busayo Onijala

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