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Climate change: Stakeholders hold 24-hour reality education programme

Some climate reality leaders, teachers, religious leaders and other stakeholders in the environment sector on Thursday, November 21, 2019 held a 24-hour reality education programme to address climate change issues.

Al Gore
Al Gore, leader of Climate Reality Project. Photo credit: Jojo Mamangun/Climate Reality

They held the programme at the Army of God Church, Lugbe, Abuja, to join 1,600 action presentations against climate change across the world.

The 24 Hours of Reality: Truth in Action is a global day of climate presentations led by climate reality leaders.

It is a day set aside by the Climate Reality Project, led by former Vice President Albert Gore of the United States.

Mrs Rose Agbo, who described herself as climate reality leader, said the climate reality project aimed at training leaders to convey message on the need to protect the planet.

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Agbo said this year, climate reality leaders globally would be amplifying the global conversation and making it clear about the need to take urgent action at every level of society.

“Today is a unique day. This programme is happening globally, and it is a 24-hour programme of reality where trained climate reality leaders would be having contact with communities, schools and stakeholders to discuss and find ways to solve climate crises.

“Today, I particularly strategise to speak with missionaries, religious leaders and teachers because they are front liners.

“They are always found in the school and education environment. So, they will be able to relate with students, teachers that can influence others and do more of advocacy,” she said.

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The Climate Reality leader also listed trees felling, bush burning, indiscriminate dumping of wastes and burning of fossils fuel as factors that caused climate change.

The West Africa Coordinator of Climate Reality Project, Mr David Michael, called on Nigerians to quickly act against climate change.

According to Michael, every individual on earth must wake up and join hands with others to ensure that we act against climate change.

“We need to speak truth to people in power and politicians to understand the urgency of climate crises.

“It is as if they don’t understand how serious the issues are but practically in Nigeria, we are feeling the effect of climate change,” he said.

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Pastor Shigaba Barnabas of Army of God Church, Lugbe, Abuja, said that a 24-hour reality education programme had improved his environmental knowledge.

“I benefited so much from the programme. I am going to be an advocate by impacting this knowledge to others in the church,” Barnabas said.

Mrs Mercy Nwanozie, a teacher, said with the education programme, he would be able to educate students on how to properly dispose refuse and tell them on the importance of trees in the environment.

By Deji Abdulwahab


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