Friday 23rd August 2019
Friday, 23rd of August 2019
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China to ban elephant ivory trade

elephant ivory

In what looks like a game changer for elephant conservation, China has announced plans to end domestic ivory trade by the end of 2017. With this decision, the country aims to reduce demand for elephant ivory and help end the global elephant poaching crisis. The international nature conservation community is celebrating what appears to be another big win for elephant ...

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Overfishing of sardine, croaker, others threatens fish species with extinction


Overfishing is threatening food security off Africa’s western and central coast as many fish species in the region face extinction If urgent action is not taken to stem the tide, the popular fish delicacy – the sardine – may soon disappear from the food menu in African homes This is because numerous marine fish species – including the Madeiran sardine ...

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Groups demand protection of forest harbouring endangered Asian elephant species

Sumatran elephants

A call has gone to the international conservation community to protect the Sepintun forest, a haven for Sumatran elephants, which are critically endangered as their forest home is being destroyed. Some of the last Sumatran elephants are said to roam the forest of Sepintun – a habitat that is being trashed for oil palm, pulp and rubber plantations, and one which ...

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A guide to Gashaka-Gumti National Park

Gashaka-Gumti National Park

Gashaka-Gumti National Park is located in a mountainous region of North-east Nigeria adjacent to the international border with Cameroon, and immediately to the North of the Mambilla plateau. No roads cross this remote region and only a few lonely footpaths wind through the forested mountains towards Cameroon. Visitors to the park are able to enjoy lush forests, wide sweeping grasslands, ...

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How economic, human pressure threaten biodiversity hotspots

Iberian lynx

The cup of joe that helped you get through the morning, the must-have chair purchased at that trendy furniture store and the palm oil that’s key to a favorite family recipe all have elements ripped from the habitat of a threatened or endangered animal somewhere in the world. Goods that sit in stores across the United States had their origins ...

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Nigeria president signs bill to protect endangered species into law

Cross River Gorilla

President Muhammadu Buhari has assented to the ‎Endangered Species Control of International Trade and Traffic Amendment Act 2016, earlier passed by the National Assembly. Nigeria is a signatory to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), an international treaty drawn up in 1973 to protect wildlife against over-exploitation, and to prevent international trade from ...

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163 new species discovered in South East Asia

acanthosaura phuketensis

A rainbow-headed snake and a dragon-like lizard are among 163 new species that scientists recently discovered in the Greater Mekong region in South East Asia, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) disclosed recently. According to the conservation group, rapid development in the area, from dams to mines, is threatening wildlife survival. The discoveries, published in a recent report, include ...

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Cheetahs are declining alarmingly, scientists warn


Cheetahs may have once prospered, but they certainly aren’t anymore. Scientists examining the worldwide population of these swift, spotted cats have found that there are only 7,100 left in the wild, surviving on just 9% of their original land range – and that they should be upgraded from “vulnerable” (population decreasing) to “endangered” (seriously at risk of extinction) on the International Union ...

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Our conservation wins in 2016, by WWF

Tiger, India

Sara Thomas, Manager, Online Advocacy, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), lists the conservation group’s achievements in 2016, which she tags “a year of action” Powered by our partners’ dedication to conservation and continuous commitment to be the voice for wildlife and wild places, we’ve achieved some big wins. Here’s a look back at some of the incredible things they helped us accomplish ...

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Conservationists flay Mauritius’ planned massacre of flying foxes

Flying foxes

A massacre is looming on the island of Mauritius. The government wants to kill thousands of Mauritius flying foxes – giant fruit bats found only on the island – in response to complaints by orchard operators. Indeed, Mauritius has once again declared open season on flying foxes. Orchard owners consider the giant fruit bats to be a pest, and the government has called for a massacre ...

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