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Bill Gates to invest $2bn to avert climate change

Microsoft founder Bill Gates wants to invest a total of $2 billion in projects and start-ups in the next five years to avert climate change, reports said on Monday, February 15, 2021.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates

Innovations were needed to avert a climate disaster, Gates said in remarks published on Monday in the German business daily, Handelsblatt.

He said this was not impossible, but would be very difficult.

Gates also called for a five-fold increase in government investment in clean energy research and other climate innovations worldwide within the next decade.

The entrepreneur and philanthropist estimates that research worth at least $110 billion would be needed annually.

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In his new book, “How to avoid a climate disaster,” Gates calls for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions to be completely eliminated by 2050 in a bid to avoid enormous environmental and economic damage.

Gates says man must change the physical economy at a pace never seen before.

In addition, he believes that CO2 taxes, certificate trading and alternative energies, such as solar and wind power are indispensable.


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