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Images: Amina Mohammed speaks on vultures’ decline at NCF lecture

Minister of Environment and United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Designate, Amina Mohammed, on Thursday, 19 January 2017 in Lagos was guest speaker at the 15th Chief S. L. Edu Memorial Lecture, organised by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF).

Ms. Mohammed spoke on the topic: “Decline of vultures: Consequences to human health and the economy.” Chairman of the Day was Chief Newton Jibunoh, who is Founder, Fight Against Desert Encroachment (FADE); while Chief Ede Dafinone, Chairman, National Executive Council of the NCF, was Host.


Amina Mohammed delivering her lecture on “Decline of vultures: Consequences for human health and economy”.


Ede Dafinone (second left) and Amina Mohammed, with other dignitaries on the high table. On the left is Adeniyi Karunwi, Director General of the NCF

Newton Jibunoh

Dr Newton Jibunoh


Ede Dafinone


All set for the NCF lecture…

NCF lecture gift

On behalf of the NCF, Dr Jibunoh presents a gift to Ms. Mohammed

NCF S. L. Edu Lecture

Minister of Environment/Guest Speaker, Ms Amina J. Mohammed (2nd right). receiving an award of Honour from Chairman of the Occasion/Founder, Fight against Desert Encroachment,(FADE), Dr.Newton Jibunoh (2nd left), while Chairman of the Council, Nigerian Conservation foundation (NCF), Chief Ede Dafinone (right), and Director General, NCF, Mr. Adeniyi Karunwi (left), looks on during the 15th Chief S.L Edu Memorial Lecture organised by the NCF


Environment minister

The minister makes out time to address the young ones…


The minister stresses a point as she addresses tomorrow’s leaders…


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