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Al Gore honours Climate Reality Leader Terungwa with Climate Reality’s Green Ring Award

The founder and chairman of The Climate Reality Project, former US Vice President Al Gore, presented the Alfredo Sirkis Memorial Green Ring Award to Climate Reality Leader, Michael Terungwa David, as an exceptional climate leader. The award was presented at the West African Climate Leadership Training held from November 13 to 15, 2023, in Accra, Ghana.

Michael Terungwa David and Al Gore
Michael Terungwa David receives the award from Al Gore

The Alfredo Sirkis Memorial Green Ring Award honours Climate Reality Leaders who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to their roles as climate communicators and activists.

Michael David, the founder of the Global Initiative for Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation (GIFSEP), who was trained as a Climate Reality Leader at the Johannesburg, South Africa training in 2014, has devoted his life to climate action and justice in his community.

A tireless advocate, Michael has delivered over 190 presentations on the climate crisis and how we work to solve it. Some of his accomplishments include spearheading a Vote for Climate campaign to educate voters about the climate crisis and build grassroots support for climate policies, promoting the use of solar energy for displaced persons and communities in Nigeria, and authoring the book Understanding Climate Change for Schools in Nigeria.

Michael currently serves as the Africa regional coordinator for Citizens Climate International and the senior adviser for Climate Clock Africa, while pursuing a Doctorate Degree in environmental management. He holds a master’s degree in environmental protection and planning, a master’s in renewable energy, and a post-graduate certificate in sustainable leadership from the University of Cambridge. Previously, Michael worked as the West African branch coordinator for the African Climate Reality Project.

Michael said: “The training I received from the former US Vice president Al Gore under the Climate Reality Leadership Training in 2014 was instrumental to my becoming a climate activist. I recommend the training to everyone who care about the climate.

“We are all citizens of the planet and if we care about a liveable future and a liveable planet we should all become our climate advocates and take climate action with our voice, our votes and our choices.”

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