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Gas flaring in Kaduna


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Video: Polio eradication in Africa

Nigeria remains the only country in Africa with Polio cases despite several interventions to eradicate the disease. At the recent Global Vaccine Summit in Abu Dhabi billions of dollars was pledged to rid the world of all kinds of Polio by 2018

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Olufunso Amosun: How Ogun is uplifting the environment

Ogun State Government has taken up a campaign to address the numerous adverse environmental effects bedevilling its vast land mass. An international forum held recently to kick-start the programme featured an awareness walk, tree planting exercise and two days of brain storming session. The “Going Green” advocacy campaign is being addressed under the aegis of “UPLIFTing the Environment,” one of several initiatives ...

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Global warming, bumpy rides and green flights

Solar Impulse

Experts have warned that jet streams intensified by global warming will increase the frequency of turbulence on transatlantic flights by 50 percent. Flights encountering air turbulence will double and the average strength of turbulence will also increase 10 percent to 40 percent,” says Paul Williams, a Royal Society research fellow at the University of Reading. “Turbulence causes more than bumpy ...

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