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World Environment Day: Citizenry urged to join race to keep planet safe

Join the race to make the world a better place

A place we can boldly call our own

A place we can be proud to defend when called upon

Join the race, this is the time


This is our world to make or mar it

It is a gift to us all from God

Let’s do our best to keep it fit for all

Join the race, now is the time


You can do it, I can do it

Don’t let’s wait for somebody somewhere

That somebody somewhere is you and I

Why not rise and join the race now


Now is the time to join the race

Now is the time for us to connect to nature

The time to connect nature to people

Join the race and let’s all make it happen

Officials of CEGDEC with members of the Young Professionals Fellowship (YPF) observing the World Environment day

Titled: “Join the Race,” the poem above was composed by Yemisi Adedigba, Programme Officer, Conservative Environmental Growth and Development Centre (CEGDEC), in the spirit of this year’s World Environment Day (WED).

The WED 2017 was commemorated by CEGDEC with the Young Professionals Fellowship (YPF), a platform of diverse professionals in Lagos on Saturday, June 3, 2017 during a seminar organised to connect with nature.

An interactive seminar commenced with the poem, which appears to challenge everyone to play a good role in keeping planet Earth safe.

“Professionals with standard and genuine winning in what they do for the nation cannot but take cognisance of the environment and everything nature has offered,” says Maryam Temitayo Olayeni, Executive Director of CEGDEC.

A professional, according to Adekunle Raphael-Monehin, founder of the Adorable Vision, is one with an immense value, who is winning in what he or she does by adding values to the human race.

“The environment plays a great role in supporting every man’s pursuit, so, it must be treated well. A clean and beautiful environment is always pleasing to the eyes and mind. A school of thought even agrees that it is therapeutic,” notes Adedigba. “Therefore, the time to take positive steps to appreciating nature and its constituents is now.”

Adedigba further states: “Practical steps to identify with nature by professionals and everyone alike can be developing a culture of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle (3Rs) of waste management. In offices, do not throw away waste paper, instead, shred and give them to recyclers. We do not have to buy paper bag each time we go shopping, so, do not dispose of the paper materials used for packaging your newly purchased items, rather, give recyclers. Make a conscious effort to separate paper from other domestic wastes and give it to recyclers near you. You can pioneer one if they are not available.”

Olayeni stresses: “The inspired professional champions have passion for God, the creator of all gifts and talents to help them on accelerating their professional purposes and also appreciate nature, the handiwork of the creator.”

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