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Town planners inaugurate 10-man examination board

National President of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners (NITP), Dr Femi Olomola, has inaugurated the institute’s Examination Board, which comprises 10 members who are mostly academics.

National President of the NITP, Dr. Femi Olomola (third from right), with some members of the Board
National President of the NITP, Dr. Femi Olomola (third from right), with some members of the Board: Dr Wale Alade (second from left), Mrs Taiwo Olurin (third from left), Dr Ezirin O. N. (second from right) and Mrs Esuabana E. A. (right). National Secretary of the NITP, Alex Ogbodo, is in white on extreme left

The Board was inaugurated on the Friday, July 31st 2015 in the NITP Board Room of Bawa Bwari House, Abuja with all Management Board members of the Institute in attendance.

In his inauguration speech, the Dr Olomola emphasised that members were selected purely on merit, academic pedigree and commitment to the planning profession as well as activities of the Institute.

“You should assist in bringing sanity to the conduct of the examinations and restore honour to the profession,” said the NITP president.

Members of the 10-member Examination Board are: Tpl (Town Planner) Mrs Taiwo Olurin; FNITP (Chairperson), Tpl (Dr) Ezirim O N.; MNITP (Secretary), Tpl (Mrs) Esuabana E A; FNITP (Member), Tpl (Dr)  Mrs Helen U. Anazia; FNITP (Member), Tpl (Dr) Wale Alade; MNITP (Member), Tpl  (Dr) A.O Afon; MNITP (Member), Tpl (Prof) Dung-Gwom Jy; MNITP (Member), Tpl Yekeen A Sanusi; MNITP (Member), Tpl (Dr) Edund Iyi; MNITP (Member) and Tpl (Dr) Peter Uyanga; MNITP (Member).

Due to flight cancellations and delays, four of the Members could be physically available for the inauguration. Other members sent in their apologies.

Those in attendance were: Tpl Mrs Taiwo Oluri; FNITP (Chairperson), Tpl (Dr) Ezirim O N.; MNITP (Secretary), Tpl (Mrs) Esuabana E A; FNITP (Member) and Tpl (Dr) Wale Alade; MNITP (Member).

The Board’s terms of reference (TOR), amongst others, are:

1)    Be responsible for the conduct of all examinations of the Institute

2)    Make regulations for the approval of the Council regarding:

  1. a)    Examinations
  2. b)    Preparation, security and distribution f question papers
  3. c)    Dates, centres and invigilation of by local Examiners
  4. d)    Assessment of answer scripts and publication of results and
  5. e)    Disposal of cases of examination malpractices and complaints

The Board has a four-year tenure which commenced on 31st July, 2015 to expire on 1st August, 2019.

In her acceptance speech, the Chairperson, Tpl Mrs Taiwo Oluri; FNITP thanked the National President and Management, assuring them of the committee’s continued loyalty and dedication to the development of the noble profession in general and the conduct of the Professional Examinations in particular.

She went further to register her appreciation to the out-going Examination Board members under the leadership of Tpl (Dr) Ohakwe as, according to her, she worked with the team as one of their examiners.

She also pledged the new board’s commitment to ensuring that issues between NITP and the Town Planners Registration Council (TOREC) are resolved amicably.

Finally, she on behalf of the Examination Board Members assured the National President and Institute of their loyalty and commitment that a high and up-to-date standard of planning education is maintained.

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