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COP26: China, India, others sabotaging Big Climate Pledge

The main reason for holding the COP26 conference is to get world leaders to agree to a joint declaration on how they will go about trying to prevent a climate catastrophe.

Xi Jinping
Chinese President, Xi Jinping

However, that effort appears to be at serious risk of failure because, according to reports, a group of nations, including China and India, is refusing to sign up.

A group of 22 nations – known collectively as the Like-Minded Developing Countries – have demanded that an entire section on the mitigation of climate change be removed from the draft COP26 agreement, which was released earlier this week.

That section commits nations to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and to “revisit and strengthen” their climate plans by the end of 2022.

Diego Pacheco, the chief negotiator for Bolivia, which is part of the LMDC group, said: “We requested the presidency remove completely the section on mitigation.”

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