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Wuhan: A command to stay where you are!

In this poem, John Baaki of the Women Environmental Programme (WEP) suggests that Wahun, the Chinese city the coronavirus pandemic is believed to have originated, has surreptitiously issued the entire world a stay-at-home order

Wuhan City
Wuhan City in China

No one ever believed there shall be issued a supreme command!

A command that will command compliance

More than any command ever issued

A command to stay where you are!

This command is not from a country with the world’s greatest army

Neither it is from a country with the most sophisticated nuclear weapons

It is not from a country with the ruthless terrorist group

Out of Wuhan cometh this command


This command scowls at resistance as it invokes consequences

Flouting the command leaves one first with two consequences to choose

Quarantine and self-isolation

It is a command you must obey

Choose to obey the command from Wuhan

Or be thrown in a fiery furnace

Like Meschach, Shadrach and Abednego

and experience respiratory asphyxiation 

That deflates the Homo Sapiens

Returning you to dust from which you came

What a command!

That my country’s political juggernauts humbly obey

And ditch all plans for tourimedical jamboree in foreign land

What a command!

What a command!

That not only ask you to stay where you are

But to constantly make friend with water and soap

And to stay together apart

What a command that puts asunder

What The Almighty has joined together

The command from Wuhan

Has applied automatic brakes

And halted the wheels of the universal automobile

Leaving it motionless and commuters stranded

As Wuhan commands it to stay where it is

What a command

That forbid shouting Hallelujah to Ja the Omnipotent

And flipping the scrolls for wisdom

This command must be withdrawn lest it mars us

But we must first obey the command to be withdrawn

The more you obey the more it is withdrawn

Stay where you are, stay apart, isolate, quarantine

And soon the command from Wuhan will be withdrawn

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