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How urbanisation drives deforestation, by study

Tom Prugh

Cities’ sustainability efforts may be undermined by urban destruction of forested carbon sinks. Worldwatch Institute’s “Can a City Be Sustainable?” examines the core principles of sustainable urbanism and profiles cities that are putting them into practice Urban centres lie at the root of an important – and often neglected – source of emissions: deforestation. According to Senior Researcher Tom Prugh in “Can a City ...

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Family planning linked with improved environmental outcomes

Family planning

A collaborative international assessment of hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific papers published since 2005 finds significant, albeit indirect, evidence that access to voluntary family planning can contribute to an environmentally sustainable world. Among more than 900 peer-reviewed scientific papers published since 2005, the Family Planning and Environmental Sustainability Assessment (FPESA), a project of the Worldwatch Institute, found data and researchers’ conclusions ...

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Cities commit to combating emissions

Rotterdam deluxe

Through bold climate commitments, 228 cities around the world are taking the lead on climate action Over 200 cities have set greenhouse gas reduction goals or targets. Action in these cities, which represent a combined population of 439 million people, could propel countries to meet their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) – the national greenhouse gas reduction pledges embodied in ...

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Cities key to liveable future, says report

Eduardo da Costa Paes

Today, nearly 3.9 billion people – half of the world’s population – live in urban areas. By 2050 that number is expected to nearly double. According to report title “Can a City Be Sustainable?”, the latest edition of the annual State of the World report series from the Worldwatch Institute, there is no question cities will continue to grow; the only ...

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Flagship Sustainable Energy Roadmap for the Caribbean unveiled


The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has received recommendations for reaching an ambitious regional target of 48% renewable energy generation by 2027. The Caribbean Sustainable Energy Roadmap and Strategy (C-SERMS) Baseline Report and Assessment, released on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 by the Worldwatch Institute, also suggests a 33% reduction in the region’s energy intensity. Achieving these sustainable energy goals would result in a 46% ...

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Global consumption trends break new records


Worldwatch Institute’s Vital Signs exposes latest global peaks of production and consumption, as well as associated impacts From coal to cars to coffee, consumption levels are breaking records. According to the Worldwatch Institute’s latest report, Vital Signs, Volume 22: The Trends That Are Shaping Our Future, the acceleration of resource depletion, pollution, and climate change may come with underappreciated social and environmental costs. ...

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Sustainable development: Are corporations green or greedy?


Worldwatch Institute’s State of the World 2014 explores the shifting role of corporations in the UN’s global effort for sustainability As national governments flounder to resolve pressing global challenges, corporations are positioning themselves within the United Nations framework as efficient players and indispensable partners in international policy debates. But with their immense economic and political sway, can corporations be brought to the ...

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Fossil fuel, renewable energy subsidies on the rise, says report

A new Worldwatch Institute report examines the rise in subsides for renewable and fossil fuel-based energy production. Total subsidies for renewable energy stood at $66 billion in 2010, but are still dwarfed by the total value of global fossil fuel subsidies estimated at between $775 billion and more than $1 trillion in 2012, according to new research conducted by the ...

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