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Radio Report: How Makoko community women survive in fish business


Makoko is a slum neighborhood located by the lagoon on the Mainland in Lagos State, where fishing is the main occupation. Correspondent Ruth King tells us more on how women survive to make a living from fish business in Makoko.

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Makoko claims no easy victories

    Makoko is a metaphor for resilience in the face of enormous pressures. This community floating on the waters of the Lagos Lagoon is resilient because it is not a rigid community. It is resilient not because the buildings in this community are the strongest in the world but because they are built in sync with nature and not ...

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Makoko: Potable water from an unlikely source

In the course of my career as a development journalist, I have come to know some peri-urban communities in Lagos and a few other states in the country, where daunting challenges seem under-reported. Makoko, a riverside community located in the old Yaba area on the Lagos Mainland, was once again my destination in the desire to unravel how communities surrounded ...

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Secret of healthy living at Makoko

One thing I have noticed during my visits to Makoko in Lagos is that the people are ever smiling, lively and vibrant; and they look well fed. MakpI also noticed that they look younger than their age. Alhaji Ibrahim Aladetan, a leader in the waterside community, is 80 years old but you would take him for someone in his 50s. ...

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UNDP builds ‘sustainable’ floating school in Makoko

As a way of improving the quality of education in a sustainable way, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is constructing a group of floating schools in Makoko coastal community of Lagos. The school, whose prototype design was unveiled during a ceremony a week ago, is a two-storey building standing on silt and would be powered by solar energy. Country ...

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Makoko: The tragedy, the intrigues

Environmental science writer, Tina Armstrong-Ogbonna, relates her experience as the controversial Makoko demolition saga unfolded in Lagos   I recently participated in the filming of a documentary on flooding and erosion in Lagos State sponsored by a non-governmental organisation. The focus of the documentary in Lagos was to highlight people, places and communities adversely affected by flooding and erosion. The ...

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