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Activists, scientists call on global leaders to tackle climate crisis

GHG emission

A group of activists, scientists and influencers have called on the European Commission and global leaders to tackle the climate change crisis with all the required attention. Greenhouse gas increases are leading to a faster rate of global warming. Photo credit: earthtimes.org Under a crusade tagged “Face The Climate Emergency”, the campaigners on Thursday, July 16, 2020 delivered a letter ...

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GMOs: Scientists asked to simplify biosafety information

Biosafety Communication (ABBS) Symposium

Scientists have been asked to simplify information about their work and technologies for the public to understand.  One of the technologies that researchers are still failing to communicate to the public effectively is modern biotechnology. Modern biotechnology is a term adopted by international convention to mean techniques for the manipulation of genetic material beyond natural breeding barriers. And for this ...

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Arctic is shifting rapidly, unexpectedly, scientists warn


A new scientific assessment of climate change in the Arctic, by the Arctic Council’s Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP), concludes that the Arctic is shifting – rapidly and in unexpected ways – into a new state. If current trends are allowed to continue, they will have increasingly profound impacts on human health and safety, industries and economies, and ecosystems around ...

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Scientists demand emphasis on how trees impact water cycles, climate


Scientists are demanding that the impact of trees on water cycles and climate be given a closer look as, according to them, effects of trees on climate through rainfall and cooling may be more important than their well-studied capacity of storing carbon Forests and trees are said to play a major role on water cycles and cooler temperatures, contributing to ...

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Biotechnology, ‘scientists’, ‘experts’, government agencies and patriotism

Nnimmo Bassey

The need to interrogate what patriotism means in the context of the challenges of the push of modern agricultural biotechnology into Nigeria and Africa has been instigated by an article by a Lagos-based research scientist titled “Biotech agencies NIREC report and unpatriotic activism.” That article opened with this claim: “Recently, a group representing the National Inter-Religious Council (NIREC) issued a ...

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As UNESCO-IHE brings water journalists, researchers together


For over 20 years, Ishraga Abbas has practiced professional journalism in Sudan – one of the most water-stressed countries on the earth, where she has had an ambiguous relationship with water researchers. She actually does not remember teaming up with any water researcher to work on a water story based on the researcher’s findings. In the answer to the obvious ...

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Scientists to examine Africa’s seed sector growth


Experts in seed issues are set to meet September 19 – 20, 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya, for a two-day conference that aims to share the outcomes of the two-year Piloting Phase by the Kenya-based Integrated Seed Sector Development in Africa (ISSD Africa). Themed “Breakthroughs for a vibrant seed sector in Africa”, the conference is organised by ISSD Africa in collaboration ...

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Industrialists, scientists seek ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ in Amazon region

Carlos Nobre

Drawing on biodiversity and biomimetics, new innovation model proposes to use science, cutting-edge technology and indigenous knowledge to carve out new path for development in Amazon region Latin American scientists and entrepreneurs on Friday published an article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that would turn the biodiversity and biomimetic assets of the Amazon and the knowledge of its ...

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Oil exploration can cause tremors, quakes, scientists warn


Following recent earth tremors in some parts of the country, some scientists have warned that earthquakes can be triggered by oil and gas exploration, especially in the Niger Delta region.   The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) spoke with some scientists and stakeholders across the country recently against the backdrop of earth tremors in some states which has caused widespread ...

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Scientists reject Nobel laureates’ pro-GMO letter

GMO rice

GMO supporters “have discarded rigorous science”, says the Union of Latin American Scientists Committed to Society and Nature (UCCSN-AL) The Union of Latin American Scientists Committed to Society and Nature (UCCSN-AL) has issued a statement rejecting the letter signed by Nobel Prize laureates in favour of genetically modified crops and GMO golden rice. About GM crop science in general, UCCSN-AL says: “(Transgenesis) ...

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