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Why poverty pervades the land, by local council employees


The Nigerian Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE) has accused state governors of unfairly controlling the affairs of local government councils in the country. Union members came out in their numbers at a national rally last week in Calabar, Cross River State, clamouring for the autonomy of local councils in the country. They carried placards with different inscriptions such as: ...

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Shrinking Lake Chad: A wake-up call to address insurgency, violence

Lake Chad

Lake Chad basin that happens to be an endorheic lake ( a closed drainage basin that retains water and allows no outflow to other external bodies of water) is bordered by four different countries including Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria on the edge of the Sahara Desert. The name Chad is a local parlance meaning ‘a lake’ or ‘large expanse ...

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How Ogoni pollution impoverished indegenes

Niger Delta

Poverty, destitution and deprivation prevalent in Ogoniland have been linked with the soil, air and water pollution that the people of the area have over the decades been exposed to. This was the submission of participants at the close of a consultative meeting/training on Tuesday on the planned clean-up of polluted sites in Ogoni, where they noted that pollution and ...

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Activists demand governments’ renewable energy, poverty status

Wanjira Matthai, Director of the Partnerships for Women Entrepreneurs

Ahead of the UN Climate Summit, a group of NGOs is asking governments, “Are you in?” – as part of a new report and video which highlights the development benefits of the transition to 100% renewable energy. This comes as Heads of State travel to Paris and thousands of people prepare to take to the streets in more than 150 countries to call for ...

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World Bank climate report elicits shockwaves


Applause has greeted the World Bank report, “Shock Waves: Managing the Impacts of Climate Change on Poverty”, released on Sunday, November 8 2015. The report shows that climate change is an acute threat to poorer people across the world, with the power to push more than 100 million people back into poverty over the next 15 years.  And the poorest ...

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Report: Africa must embrace ‘wet markets’ as key to food security


Studies find informal markets provide essential sources of food and income for millions of poor, with milk and meat that is often safer than supermarkets Misguided efforts to control the alarming burden of food-related illnesses in low-income countries risk intensifying malnutrition and poverty – while doing little to improve food safety. Blunt crack-downs on informal milk and meat sellers that ...

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Climate change: Tackling poverty, ignorance

Ignorance could often be considered a significant factor of influence in the wise of the low-level   perception of climate change among the common people of the developing world, but a more obvious pointer is their decried poverty state which has negatively influenced their take on the climate issue. The fact is that their common orientation towards devising a more or ...

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Tackling Africa’s energy poverty sustainably

To address the persisting energy poverty on the African continent, national and community energy needs should be prioritised over global economic models. This formed part of a range of resolutions from a recent gathering of stakeholders, who urged civil society organisations (CSOs) to advocate for decentralised alternative energy with a focus on affordable and environment-friendly renewables. At the end of ...

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